The Rain - Η Βροχή Poem by Kostas Lagos

The Rain - Η Βροχή

Rating: 4.9

The rain

Has no beauty

For the homeless

There is no romance

Neither sounds of calmness

If there isn't a roof

Above your head

Η βροχή

Δεν έχει καμία ομορφιά

Για τους αστέγους

Δεν υπάρχει ρομαντισμός

Ούτε ήχοι ηρεμίας

Αν δεν έχει ένα κεραμίδι

Πάνω απ'το κεφάλι σου

Friday, December 4, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: homelessness,rain
Rose Marie Juan-austin 04 December 2020

What a wonderful and meaningful poem. So very true. Poverty robs man's ability to enjoy the wonders of existence. A great poem brilliantly penned as always. Five Stars and to my Poem List.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 05 December 2020

A well penned poem........ Truly poetic and impressive.....5 stars*****

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Valsa George 05 December 2020

Absolutely true.....! If there is no roof over one's head, there is no beauty for him either in rain or sunshine! When one is deprived of the bare minimum facilities of life, nothing can cheer his eyes or mind

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Richard Wlodarski 04 December 2020

A tragically profound poem! Excellent work, Kostas!

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Pangiota Romios 04 December 2020

Here in California, the poor homeless...., purchase tents I cannot afford.)) Nobody gets wet unless they are bums. I would be grateful to live in a tent. Free from the elements, Rain is necessary for humanity. I walked in a downpour in Chicago years ago and I loved it))) Life varies across the universe. The poor here get lots of cash and thus live rent free in a great climate. I see your point, Kostas, anyway.

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Varsha M 15 July 2021

Revisiting. Indeed rain is rich man's charm. Roofless people still desire no rain.

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Jungle Cat 28 April 2021

How True! Five worthy stars!

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Mihai Brinas 07 March 2021

Powerful and original.

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Rain is certainly enjoyable. But to the homeless it is a pain

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Germina Melius 05 February 2021

I enjoyed reading.

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