The Rose Poem by Silentpoet Grl

The Rose

Rating: 4.5

a lone unique rose standing
never really fully blooming
but still holding such beauty
many storms came and went
through the fierce times,
strongly stood the rose
never fully breaking.
but, building defenses
growing, thorns so sharp
pricking the ones too close.
long days always passing
watching, sharpening his blade
so cunning, the handsome wolf
always so patiently waiting,
wanting the rose only to himself,
eager and ready to cut her down
seeing the rose tired of loneliness
the wolf makes plotted advances
using his clever wit and charm
coming around always flattering
softening the rose's sharp thorns
the rose became so accepting
ready to be loved and kept safe
unsuspecting, was that slice
on that dark and unforgiving day
now laying on the ground
completely broken and dying
the rose finally fully blooms
and from the soft red petals
crimson tears falling
spilling blood for this first love.
laughing the wolf just walks away.

Crimson Love 30 October 2011

This poem is Phenomenal! whoever voted it as a 1 is a tard! 10+++++

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Dave Walker 30 October 2011

A real epic of a poem. A really great poem. A truly great write.

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Kelly Seale 19 August 2012

The Wolf and The Rose... unlike Beauty and The Beast... is a stark contrast of the girl behind those words... The thorns are your protective weapons, .. The petals, soft and brittle... hold such beauty and love. The Wolf just walks away because he is incapable of comprehending such beauty and love that is inside you... You must escape from this Wolf... before he tears your soul to shreds. -Great Ink Silentpoet Grl... I am an friend and a fan.; -) _kelly.

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Kara Towe 15 January 2012

Wow! Really good poem. You are the rose. You are wonderful. :) [3

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Unwritten Soul 31 October 2011

One day you will bloom again, to be a blossom in the garden....i am sure of that, even it not fully smile but the the rose still good in any smile a lil at least the rose can cheer some...nice write silent poet, now Dave tell the best, whispering rose....see the another rose say you awesome, and dreamer of cosmic sat good to..time for bloom my friend :) _Unwritten Soul

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Cosmic Dreamer 30 October 2011

Love is a powerful word, it can shatter the soul when whispered through deceitful lips... A beautifully well written poem, I enjoyed reading it...

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Whispering Rose 30 October 2011

wonderfully written, in every single step

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