The Truest Love. Poem by Sandra Feldman

The Truest Love.

Rating: 5.0

A love,
You really
Can't even describe,
That goes beyond
Fire and Ice,
That's what has
To be felt,
In order to be
Born, twice.

Susan Williams 09 February 2023

extraordinarily beautiful and wise in the knowledge of our God----excellent sowing of the seed---top marks and faved

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Sandra Feldman 10 February 2023

Thank you Susan for this ever so lovely and deep comment. Much more than deserved..

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 09 February 2023

Another poetic gem depicting the wonders of love. Unforgettable words woven by someone who has the deepest faith in love. To my favorites.

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Love takes you to sublime heights. When in love, you are born again, sure! So true, Sandra. Just the truth about love.5* and MyFavourites

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Love takes you sublime heights, and when in love you are born again! So true, Sandra.5* and MyFavourites

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Nosheen Irfan 10 February 2023

Love is an abstraction that is beyond anything concrete. Love might not be visible but it's more important than all material things. Beautiful thoughts!

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Jayne Louise Davies 10 February 2023

Lovely write Sandra x Thanks for sharing x

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Sandra Feldman 10 February 2023

Thanks for reading and the very kind words.

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 10 February 2023

Simply Beautiful Sandra TFS

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Sandra Feldman 10 February 2023

Your words for this poem, LeeAnn. Thank you, kindly.

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