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Two Thousand Seventeen

After work, carpool,17', dark and dreary vibe
13 hour shifts, standing on my feet
Just a natural night, the torture though
Ain't fit that, extracurricular, and searing, active
Scene, on one soul, morning time brightened it up a sliver
Riding down the rough road
Actually smooth, talking bout my walks
The earlier the deadlier, with the Cross, through the troubled lava
Cooled, to trap my feet, though, mostly, as I approached
From off the street, to my apartments, if only
This person, knew what death await me
Undeserved, that I face for breathing, the Gospel truth
Everyday, it seem calm, til' they leave, and the devil start it
17' was dark though
Not to say, years before were good, I guess, I learned the Bible
Not reverence, the way that I was raised
Thankfully, the hardships, viral now, wasn't present then
I'm pretty sure, the times when, my house was open, when I would enter
Would've added some new, from experiences, just cruel
To the point, that's what's true, less esteemed
Than what stuff cool, seem I got a shadow, of heaviness
And it's like a storm, I'm netted in, all types of inveiglement
And it's like a thorn
Yesterday, i foraged, the strength, the furniture, I left, behind
It wasn't much, sofa-bed, antique chair, thats white
The Lord had worked it out, left my first apartment
I lost my job, overqualified, plus I learned bout cults
And they terrorize me, couple of months ago
Got in touch with help,
I ain't let it stop me, as a regular person, I kept the truth
But they never got me, back, or called, so I moved along
According to the scripture
Plus was being threatened... I guess that's guns, getting used to those
Seem like I'm a target by artists because I proved them wrong
Couldn't be a lesson, I spread a message of future hope
Virally, i set it, so darkness shrink, that's my proof, behold
17' was different, an evil feel, and an endless cycle
Unfamiliar, outcomes, and hassles, to burn perspectives in
Everywhere I go, guns and artists, and music
Never known, or sown, for the reality
Heavy violence, I never quote, or understood
The purpose, i ain't retain, what the lies from who despiseth me
Accomplished, entire time, had my eyes on Jesus
Greatness and deceptions, through phonics
And other stuff, some try to tie to bind my godliness
Under beasts, that ain't fit His purpose
Torture, deep enough, it ain't more than that
They preplanned to kill me
As a toddler, hit just to see defeat, trying to conquer YHWH
Trying to dominate Him, the possessed, concentrate here
As does saints and angels, depend who aim was to take skills
Like a game, from great talent, then try to misportray them
Dexsta Ray, create this, and all my stuff, but the hate real
Cunning, I would never, my purpose ain't overstate the gift
Nor overplay the veiled, hurt, and darkness from back in 17'

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