Vincent Van Gogh 52 - Nature And Artiste Poem by Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

Vincent Van Gogh 52 - Nature And Artiste

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Theo returned to Paris for his work
While, Vincent remained with his family in Etten.
Vincent bought a workman's suit of black velvet,
And drawing papers for sketching,
That's all that he needed to start his work!

After a few days of being pampered by his mother,
When he was back to his old healthy, glowing self.
He told his mother that he was ready for work,
All set to pursue his passion
Of drawing & painting!

When the warm breath of summer arrived,
Vincent took his drawing material and easel,
Began walking outdoors, exploring the countryside.
There was much for him in nature's splendorous beauty,
The heath, the swamp, the trees and the pond with water lilies!

As he went about in his velvet suit into the open fields,
With his thick cluster of red hair carrying his drawing brush,
People thought him rather weird, quirky and peculiar.
They wondered, why in the world he sat for hours in the fields,
Staring into the horizon without a single penny earned in his pocket.

Vincent wrote to his brother Theo:
"I do not stand helpless before nature any longer,
as I used to. Nature always begins by resisting the artist,
but he who really takes it seriously does not allow himself
To be led astray by that resistance, on the contrary,
it is the stimulus the more to fight for the victory.
At bottom, nature and a true artiste agree."

A Biographical Poem

Vincent Van Gogh 52 - Nature And Artiste
Sunday, February 5, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: artistic work,nature,true,story
These poems are biographical poems on the famed painter- Vincent Van Gogh. All information on Vincent Van Gogh is taken and is based on two great books - ‘Lust for life' & ‘Dear Theo' - a biography and an autobiography respectively, penned by the famed American Author - Irving Stone. Dear friends and Poets, Thank you so much for reading this series on Vincent Van Gogh's life. I am ever grateful to all the poets who are reading these poems. I do hope you will continue to read them. Ever obliged for your kind comments. Here is a painting of Vincent Van Gogh - A girl in white in the woods dated 1882. Source: Vincent Van Gogh Facebook Group
LeeAnn Azzopardi 06 February 2023

Another beautiful segment in this wonderful saga

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Anil Kumar Panda 05 February 2023

So very interesting. Nicely penned by you. Wish it will not end. Enjoying and waiting for the next. Thanks.

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Richard Wlodarski 19 March 2023

Geeta, your poem has inspired me to take advantage of the wondrous nature trail that I have just outside of my window. And when I'm ready, I'm gonna take up art again. And when I do, I'll be thinking about this AMAZING series!

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This episode narrates the evolution of the great painter in Vincent. Exquisitely written.5 *.

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Rajnish Manga 07 February 2023

The poem allows the reader a peep into Vincent's deep love of nature and into the outlook of others towards him. Nice portrayal. Thanks, Geeta ji.

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M. Asim Nehal 06 February 2023

How well you expressed the minute details yet again. Excellent poem Geetaji

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Anjandev Roy 06 February 2023 always.......

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