Walk In The Light And Tell The Dark Poem by ahmed khaled

Walk In The Light And Tell The Dark

walk in the light,
let the light walk in you,
and tell the dark,
to be a pillow,
for dreams,
and poetry.

Unwritten Soul 04 October 2011

Expensive arrangement :) Let dark sleep in you, let it dream for you beautiful poetry..Compact words Ahmed Khaled! -Unwritten Soul

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Vipins Puthooran 04 October 2011

Excellent write, , economical words but extravagant meaning... An inspirational poem...

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Miriam Maia Padua 03 October 2011

Very nice... your thoughts are expressive wonderfully put into this short and fruitful work... intelligent write

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Hosny Soliman 03 October 2011

As usual so short but very expressive. Yes we need to walk toward the light may we can get out our bright Yes tell the dark to be till we get all our poetic inspiration.

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Stefanie Fontker 03 October 2011

Words of wisdom that I will try to follow. Lovely writing, my friend.

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Jacqui Broad 16 October 2011

Yes, true words. Poetry, well most, anyway, get written when we are in a 'dark' frame of mind. But sometimes we get blinded by light, also...

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Allemagne Roßmann 06 October 2011

Very well conceptualized and reminds me of some turkish verses as beautiful lyrics of modernization and its fusion with the oriental minds and trends-it is something like this-- Son hatiran kaldi bende onuda alsana yar yar (Get the last memory of you from me my love) Yaptiginla mutlumusun söyle sen bana. (Are u happy with what u've done, tell me) Gözden uzak dilden irak, (far from the eyes and words, /I enjoyed this poem very much.The country of your origin was a part of Turkish Ottoman Empire over 400 years.To some extent i speak the language as i have members from my grandfathers in-laws side from the former empire.Nice write of yours for mine this rememberance..Hats off!

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Dave Walker 04 October 2011

Great little poem. A very good write.

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Crimson Love 04 October 2011

simply beautiful my friend :)

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Dickson Mseti 04 October 2011

hahahaaaaaa! the dark should be for sleeping, even poet have to rest.

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