What Are We? Poem by Juan Olivarez

What Are We?

Rating: 4.8

After all is said and done,
What are we?
Are we gold or silver,
Or a sparkling diamond in the rough?
Are we precious jade,
Shining green as a forest,
In the morning sun?

We are the ash,
That comes forth,
And is spewed by,
Great volcanos,
And forest fires.

We are dirt, we are the leaves,
And the grasses of the Earth.
We are the compost,
On the ground.
We are the mulch,
That decays,
Deep in the forest's floor.
We are passing things,
We are mere fertilizer,
For the great gardener,
In the sky.
We are passing things.

3/20/11 Alton Texas

Edward Kofi Louis 01 August 2016

We are the ash! And, out of the soil we were made. Nice piece of work.

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Kim Barney 01 August 2016

Very well written, Juan. Congrats on having it chosen as poem of the day!

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Adeline Foster 01 August 2016

Good poem. Will comment later. Adeline

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Bernard Snyder 01 August 2016

Great poem! I often asks the exact question. Well deserved as 'poem of the day'!

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Elisabeth Wingle 01 August 2016

Very profound truths.we are the earth and the earth is us. Congrats on poem of the day. Well deserved

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Irfanulla Shariff 01 August 2018

What are we ….and why we are here……a wonderful poem of the day…….Congratulations! A great spiritual write!

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Lyn Paul 01 August 2018

What Are We? and what is all this madness for? A beautiful write you have shared making us possibly accept leaving this earth. Douglas's comment was interesting.

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 01 August 2018

A great ode to the Divine, the God, You have presented it such wisely and so elegantly. A great poem of divinity praising the almighty. 10+++ for the poem shared. Congrats for the POD.

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Interesting perspective very down to earth...

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Anil Kumar Panda 01 August 2018

What is said is right. At the end we are going to be with the gardener and he will use us as he likes. A nice philosophical drop about this short and useless life. Enjoyed. Congrats on being chosen as poem of the day.

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