* Wisdom * Poem by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

* Wisdom *

Rating: 4.2

The power of money moves man closer to God
You worship them

Illness is a luxury you couldn’t have missed
Wealthiest people have it too

Failure is a stepping stone to achievement
Success is like a dessert
A sweet finishing

A good leader is to lead what you could lead
The rest is history

Don’t say no when you know that the no is a yes
It could cost you a fortune

Religion is not an excuse to kill your enemy
Use them as a tool to foster friendships

Define love
Love is like the Earth and the gravity

A good actor could not conceal his true behavior
It shows on his face

Death is a place to rest
Without your flesh and blood

A man is rich when he has all in places
Love, respect, friendships, happiness, admiration, honor

Don’t be upset when you had failed to achieve something
You could still make it, before you die

Between a woman and a mother
Both are the same, a life giver

Sadness is not a failure
But an honor to make amends

True love is a scarification
To be or not to be

Alex Andreev 17 January 2010

hey man, it's great job, you are good artist as usual. I'm gonna show your poem to my friends

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John Shea 17 January 2010

I gave this poem a 10...but it does not solve my problems on life...thanks anyway my friend,

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Ameur Amer 18 January 2010

your poem is great and has a good message to the reader. And I think it's addressed to many people in this world and I am the first.... I have a simple view in the latter, I think it is true love needs to understand and understanding befor to sacrifice :) well done.

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Gul naz 18 January 2010

this is a very 'socially responsible poem' it contains so many messages for i think anyone n everyone. we must learn from it

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Margaret Atkinson 18 January 2010

no words to describe how beautiful and touching that poem was to me i learned from it and other people can to i really needed to read that poem muchas thanks

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it's an eye-opener.. i'm so happy that i took the time to read. thanks for sharing. will be reading more.. enjoyed them.. :)

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~*Nezra*~ Farrell 27 February 2010

2 WORDS.....Love it! :)

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cheyenne briggs 06 February 2010

very good.this poem puts my life in a diffrent perspictive.thanks so much for sharing

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Allan Macli Borges 31 January 2010

i think it is not just a interesting one but a very wellworth work too.

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Anju Addanki 28 January 2010

wow thats a lovely one and very true.

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