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What's Your Inspiration?

How are you inspired?
Are you inspired by the sun?
Does it warm your skin from deep within?
Is it your number one?

Is it the pounding rain
that makes you want to write?
When you hear the plop of the first few drops
is it something you can't fight?

Or does it take a heartache?
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Duncan Wyllie 23 January 2006

Alright I'll tell you, things that we do and People like you! God Bless..................Love Duncan

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David Tanguay 11 January 2006

Mary I never came across a poem asking an opinion on our personal reasons for our inspiration. but i see you got quite a responce.' I suppose mine is trying to let people know how i feel about the world, and really how i would like to see it.Perhaps I'm just a dreammer'

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Samantha Glovier 07 January 2006

This poem is an awesome piece thank you for the good read....and Thank you for the comments on my work.

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Liz Munro 03 January 2006

I agree with Anna. Plus I write because I am COMPLETELY loopy. my poem 'how I describe my poems' is partly discribe why I write, wonderful poets like you is the other part. liz

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Uriah Hamilton 01 January 2006

Sorrow is my true face, loneliness is my inspiration, I always fear that poetry will just vanish as I cry.

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John Churchill 08 May 2006

What a lovely thought provoking poem. It's the first one of yours I've read. As someone who just tries to write poetry for fun, you and others like you inspire me with the magical pictures you paint. To love and to be loved, happiness and sorrow all these things inspire me, Thank you for helping me, John

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Brian Dorn 03 May 2006

Mary, great question to end a great poem! My answer, if I had to choose one, would be heartache... and then I kind of branch out from there. Brian

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K. Jared Hosein 12 March 2006

MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSIIIIICCCCCCCC! And pretty landscapes: -D And... things I hate... we'll not go into that. Very nice read, Mary. - K.

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Howard Johnson 03 March 2006

Great poem, I feel like it was me.

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Julia Klimenova 07 February 2006

Simple and true. And very inspiring :) Julia

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