Whisper For You Poem by Esther Leclerc

Whisper For You

Rating: 5.0

Catching your eye as we stroll through the crowd
I squeeze your hand and whisper...

Watching a movie packed tight with strangers
I stroke your thigh and whisper...

Driving a long highway, no place to stop
I kiss your neck and whisper...

Back home at last and it's so good to know
there's no need for quiet anymore, 'though
even now I'll whisper for you...

and so...


Ernestine Northover 30 May 2006

I will say this very quietly, this is very sweet and so romantic. Yes indeedy. Love Ernestine XXX

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Ronald Stroman 30 May 2006

those things seem like secrets, to two people who care about each other. that's really not a secret to everybody, who know you two are real about each other.

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Chuck Audette 05 June 2006

Beautifully done, with lots of love and the right spiciness of innuendo. A 10 for sure. -chuck

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Joe Breunig 07 June 2006

A touching and romantic write; well done!

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Alison Cassidy 09 June 2006

Esther, The word 'whisper' is such a wonderful example of onomatopoeia in the English language and your delightful poem does it justice. I like the pattern of your verse structure and the risque possibilities of the ending. love, Alison

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Sandra Fowler 09 May 2007

Whisper is a beautiful word. It brings up fragile images of magic and mystery. Excellent poem, Esther. Love, Sandra

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Barry Van Allen 10 March 2007

Esther, Yea, ... so far so good! ... Then what? ? ?

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Moya Levy 26 December 2006

Ah beautiful! Secret moments - love them! Moyax

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Melvina Germain 14 October 2006

A whisper, oh so romantic, I love this sweet poem.---Melvina--

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Scarlett Treat 22 September 2006

Like a gentle perfume fragrance in a room, this poem leaves a beautiful fragrance of love in the air. Delicate, sensual, loving - - just beautiful.

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