Who Am I? Poem by Steven Pimentel

Who Am I?

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I'm still living
& why shall I die?

I got nothing left for me
so why I'm still alive?

is there really a god
& how did he make me
becuase i change so much in this earth
i dont know who made me?


An onthological question with no answer. Good write.10.

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Kranthi Pothineni 12 July 2009

Once i read 'the mother of all knowlegde is knowledge of knowing ones own self'. For your question you only have the answer, so sreach deep you will find it. Good write.

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C. P. Sharma 12 July 2009

These are the questions that come to every mind, one has to probe. My poems are an attempt in this direction.You can start with Is this I? I & II Who am I! and then trace the trac. You have a poetic mind and heart. Keep it up. CP

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Ritty Patnaik 13 July 2009

surely i am a being of earth, a tiny microcosm, in the vast macrocosm.god put this most important soul in my physical body, without which we cannot exist.so that makes him most important, in our lives.i love your poems, because they are honest declarations of feelings.thanks for sharing!

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. . 13 July 2009

You are who you make yourself into. That is, to be honest with yourself. As far as God, I am no believer, but the choice to believe is within you. Use wisdom to walk your paths and you will know what needs to be done. :) Hang in there and keep the words coming!

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Venus McHeart 19 August 2009

why is that the world always confusses us(everyone) i feel the way some times...n i wonder

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Omar Ibrahim 25 July 2009

yes there is GOD and HE created you.....like all the humans.....

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Angel's lyre 17 July 2009

DEAR STEVEN, I want to tell you that you're not an ACCIDENT. Beleive that GOD exists, and only HE made you and try to ask HIM why he made you. The Bible say that 'it was God who created your inward parts, He knit you togather in your mother's womb, ....His eyes saw you when you were formless.......' and so on

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Miriam Maia Padua 15 July 2009

very honest write... all of us has always that questions within us.. Who Am I...? Is there really God..we keep on asking..we keep on seeking YOU within you.... this is a thought provoking write... short yet with great impact ...thanks for inviting.. 10++ lovelots, maia

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Sandhya S N 14 July 2009

The very interesting question in everyone. Dig out the truth in each day and refine yourself You will ultimately find the one in you regards sandhya

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