Wisdom Teeth - Humorous And Satire Poem by M. Asim Nehal

Wisdom Teeth - Humorous And Satire

Rating: 5.0

I was at a loss for words to describe
the discomfort of my missing wisdom teeth,
so, I turned to prayer.
With a plea of 'just four more to reach thirty-two',
I hoped for success, when I didn't see any results,
I began praying at midnight.

After a few days, I started to feel a twinge of pain,
It seemed my persistent requests had finally been granted,
and I praised God for honouring my wishes.
As time passed, the pain grew little by little,
but I took pleasure in feeling the new teeth with my tongue,
my imagination ran wild,
picturing my teeth rising like the sun on the horizon,
and my family and friends flocked to congratulate me,
I received flowers, cards, and messages of goodwill,
and those who already had their wisdom teeth warned me to keep an eye on them,
I took it as a compliment 'Welcome to the club'.
Finally, my teeth fully erupted, like the moon in a clear sky.
But then, I realized there were two more teeth growing in the wrong direction.
I felt like my prayer had been answered,
but God had a cruel sense of humor.
The pain grew like lightning,
and when my tongue warned me that something was wrong,
I rushed to the doctor, he examined me and said,
'I'm afraid these need to be extracted as soon as possible.'
He added, 'Unfortunately, they started moving in the wrong direction.'
I felt exposed and vulnerable as the teeth -
-were pulled out one by one.
I wondered if my wisdom had gone with the teeth,
but then I realized that wisdom isn't just about teeth.
It comes from books, education, knowledge, and experience.
The absurd questions faded away,
and I realized that wisdom is a journey, not a destination.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: humorous,wisdom,satire,philosophical
Bri Edwards 24 May 2023

For some reason, Asim, I was very impressed with your 'job well done'. NOW, take care of what you have been blessed with, and watch those 'sweets'! ! !

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Bill Cantrell 23 May 2023

Now I love the humorous pace of this very enjoyable poem, full marks my friend

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 23 May 2023

I hear you my friend I lost a tooth in January

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Anjandev Roy 23 May 2023

Such a wonderful piece...... very interesting......thank u... friend....

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Rajan T Renganathan 23 May 2023

Great write, I liked the humour and the satire at how people see the wisdom teeth. Interesting piece.

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Pallavi Tripathi 25 May 2023

Food for thought. Wisdom is a journey not a destination

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Bharati Nayak 24 May 2023

Five stars and to my fav list.

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Bharati Nayak 24 May 2023

What an amazing write! I enjoyed the humour to the hilt.I now see wisdom in a new light.It should not be associated with teeth, as teeth are meant for biting.

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Bri Edwards 24 May 2023

CORRECTION: What's the satire here? I'm not good at using or recognizing it, but.......

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Bri Edwards 24 May 2023

BUT................I feel somehow robbed. I so LIKE to find things in a poem that I can help to correct! ! ! e.g. typos I don't recall anything I didn't like, except MAYBE that I, Bri, didn't write this one. : (

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