Y..... A Fool In Europe Poem by Aufie Zophy

Y..... A Fool In Europe

Rating: 4.7

A Norwegian fool
thought that it was cool
to kill girls and young men,
about eighty; imagine if you can.

All of us for sure already know.
Yahoo, TV, papers, all proud to show.
The terrible news we already got.
What would happen if we knew not?

The Norway fool, proud he must have been.
His picture everyone has seen.
And even what he thinks and wants to say
is sent by eager journalist our way.

The terrible news we surely got.
Would we be worse of if we knew not?
Why are we all so keen to know
what stupid people do and show?

Every single day we eagerly hear and read
about the wars and crimes that we don't need.
We seem to be so addicted to bad news
'til our peace of mind, we tend to lose.

Tell me fair and honestly,
would we be worse of, you and me,
if we would dare to refuse
to listen to all the awful news.

I am sure that for every bad thing,
a thousand good ones happening.
Unless more people do refuse,
we'll see only bad things in the news

So I invite you now to join me,
not to look at news anymore on tv.
All that time we will prefer to spend
Sending inspiring emails to a friend!

Elena Sandu 28 October 2012

Great poem, very true! I agree with each word, you spoke from my heart, thank you! Yes I try to avoid the tv news, also the newspaper for I got too tired of wars and crimes. Highest ten, thank you for writing this gem.

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Valerie Dohren 28 October 2012

Yes indeed, the news is always full of doom and gloom which is all very depressing. I am sure there are many good things which we never hear about - we need to strike a balance and believe that for every bad event there is a good one, perhaps there is really more good than bad - I hope so! A great write Aufie, very well penned.

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Jahan Zeb 28 October 2012

So I invite you now to join me, not to look at news anymore on tv. All that time we will prefer to spend Sending inspiring emails to a friend! This is inspirational. I open a newspaper, read sport news and hand the paper over to another person. A habit for almost ten years. I loved you poetry. Very nice and nicely versed.

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Asif Andalib 30 October 2012

An inspirational and uplifting write. Awesome

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Dave Walker 30 October 2012

A fantastic poem, I think we all should join you.

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Joseph Anderson 28 November 2012

No news is often the best news. A thoughtful write with good advice. Why do we torture ourselves with all the grimness that is today? A little more poetry would suffice

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Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar 15 November 2012

shutting eyes will not stop occurence. retaliation and punishment from societal force is the need of hour. your is lovely to read

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 04 November 2012

things like this happen everywhere, but in certain countries it is exposed. Aufie! you have protested for a cause!

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Sindiswa S. Mnguni C'ndy 02 November 2012

good write Zophy! WOW so much write though wish could reach that standard but slowly.... getting there. good thing. KIP ROWLIN'

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Spiritual Seeker 02 November 2012

Capitalism..greedism..powerism at all cost, even hiding the truth! That is the world today...nice topic you hav written! Thanks.

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