Y..... It Must Be Sung Poem by Aufie Zophy

Y..... It Must Be Sung

Rating: 4.8

Close your eyes, imagine
All the water of the seas,
Inundating your heart
A deluge of love and peace

Keep them closed, your eyes
And try to feel it deep inside
That silent storm of peace and love
An endless stream never to subside

Then open your eyes, open wide
And try to realise, it isn't just a dream
The fountain's abundant flurry
Soaking your soul with love for real

Feel the hard blowing gusts of wind
Blowing love and peace in soul and mind
Let your heart open up and sing
The song of love and being kind

Do not doubt, do not listen to TV
Love and peace is everywhere around
It must be sung it can't be kept
Just let it flow and ever more abound

Valerie Dohren 07 September 2012

Beautiful write Aufie, you are spreading your message well

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Unwritten Soul 09 September 2012

Such a beautiful write, i am soaked in my deep feeling doing that, just amazing_Unwritten Soul

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Heather Wilson 12 September 2012

A lovely poem, love and peace, who could ask for more? .

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 13 September 2012

Blowing love and peace in soul and mind Let your heart open up and sing. thought provoking lines..thank you for sharing!

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Joseph Anderson 06 September 2012

A beautiful intent.If we could only believe. Perhaps some day this may come to be-a deeply touching, well written prayer for peace and love-I commend you

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Smoky Hoss 11 October 2012

Another beautiful and wise gathering of words here; like it very much.

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Elena Sandu 06 October 2012

Consciousness of the surrounding love, yes! Powerful poem, how beautiful! Hearts innundated by seas of love! And then we'd have the clouds running all over the world to rain the love back into each living thing. Your words holds the very truth, love is all around we only need to keep an open heart and a closed eye to ignore those who tries to tell us otherwise...I love your poem, I shall try to sing and spread this song of love. Thank you,10

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Kevin Patrick 02 October 2012

Every word cascades with a flowing symmetry, perfectly composed, every line is filled with beauty. Thank you for sharing!

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Spiritual Seeker 25 September 2012

A gem of words...beautifully written from the heart!

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Walterrean Salley 18 September 2012

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful composition on this most compelling human emotion (love) , coupled with a compelling-euphoric phenomenon (peace) . Each is powerful and can work wonders for the human heart; Love and peace can change the world; we have only to deploy them. Thanks for this top-notch penning, Hans.

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