M. Asim Nehal Dreams Poems

In My Dreams-❤️

You sing a lullaby for me,
I shall dream about you
On the silvery moonbeams
Falling through cotton candy of translucent sky

I Wonder How Innocent My Dreams Are ~

One evening I saw my dreams flying like a bird ~
On the bank of a river, trying to go beyond the clouds.

One evening I saw my dreams flying like a butterfly,

A Dream- Eyes Soaked In Dreams Shred Not Any Tears

Today I woke up soaked in dreams,
Never before I experienced such things,
The sky filled with stars was beneath my feet,
And I was playing with them as if they are marbles,

Rise Again From The Debris Of Shattered Dreams

It is not easy to rise after a great fall
It takes courage to stand and start all.

Fallen stars never return to the galaxy,

In Your Starry Eyes ~ My Dreams

When the evening falls and the sun fades,
And the darkness comes wearing the silence,
The moon showers silver rays on the leave,
The melodious competition of the frog and cicada,

Sick Government Is Planning To Tax My Dreams.

The government is cruel and mean,
Intent on taxing my dreams, it seems.
I close my eyes and try to escape,
but now they say I'll have to pay.

Who Stole My Dreams, Who Did This Mischief?

Who stole my dreams, who did this mischief?
Now I don't even sleep at night,
neither the moon attracts me.
This was my property, this was my treasure

Childhood Days~ Like Fleeting Dreams

A beautiful smile, on the soft gentle lips
Is enough to blow anybody's heart.
Innocent mind posing so many questions
Heart floating swiftly like ducks swimming

Between The Shores Of My Dreams

Between the shores of my dream
Under the flowing lustrous holy river
Where the white dove of wishes
Floats on the chariot of stars

Senryu- Calling Back Dreams

sleeping without you
like mirage in a desert
please come back my dreams

Senryu -Dreams

My Dreams Sparkle In The Night Sky.

My dreams sparkle in the moonlight,
ready to tumble on the sand beach
on the endlessly bending sky
where waves yearn for a ride.

Senryu - 73 (Evasive Dreams)

Life Is Too Short To Fulfil All Dreams....

Life is fleeting, like a passing dream,
we have limited time, it may seem.

We yearn to soar, among the clouds so high,

Playing With My Dreams

In my hand, like sand why you slip away
O my dreams, why do you fly like a kite astray
with every gust of wind when you soar
I keep longing and wanting more

Short Poem - Between Dreams And Realities.

A Dance Of Dreams

Sing with the heart and dance with the soul
Hold all the smiles, the magic words will flow,
The happy feet will rejoin your show and roll,
Call from afar, near, above and below,

On Dreams......

sleeping without you
like a caged bird craves freedom
please come back my dreams.

Tanka ~ Dreams Realised

dreams gently unfold
like, sunflower to the sun
sincerity melts
realities do hustles

Triple Tetractys - Realities And Dreams

a Learning

Alexandrine - Dreams And Desires

Broken Dreams

The pieces of my heart remains scatter and fall
like the fragments of a mirror
the light that once shone bright is now but a faint glow
a shadow of what was a memory to explore.

Somonka - Dreams And Realities

i slept to the dream
on the bed of rose petals.
soul asked ~what I want.
i struggled by turning sides.


You wait for them
And they will never come
To start thinking about, in daylight
They will appear for you at night

Why Dreams Escape Me?

The silence of this night
Where slumber yowls
To rest the body
The mind goes for a walk

Dry With Dreams And Wet With Ideas

A walk in the early morning mist
Refreshes me from the blankness of twit
The night left its painful trails
And I catch the morning's gain

Senryu - 59 (To Stitch Dreams)

A Sleep Without Dreams

I close my eyes hoping to rest
but all I get is a mind full of pests
They jump and crawl, driving me crazy
I'd rather stay awake, sipping a jug of coffee

Zillion Dreams....

Zillion dreams dancing in my mind
as I gaze up at the night full of stars
each one a wish waiting to be aligned
In this vast universe, I feel like a czar

Senryu- Unfulfilled Dreams

Senryu - 186 Dreams

Senryu - 38 (Dreams)

Sijo - To Realise Your Dreams

Senryu -Caravan Of Dreams

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