Valsa George Love Poems

Our Love

Our love is infinite as the sky
On love’s filmy wings we soar high
It has the might of a mountain
And the upward thrust of a fountain

God's Love

Our Merciful God, with benevolent care
Guards our little lives from above
Sing ye, praise unto the Lord
For He is the mighty reservoir of love

Sparkling Love

As he gazed on my face
I saw waves of emotion
rise and crash
in his deep almond eyes

How Love Begins And Ends

Cupid the great archer
Shoots his arrow heedless!
On some, it cuts through the heart
On some others, it only scrapes through

Lost In Love's Chant

Lost in Love's Chant

I still can't call to mind our first meeting
But as we saw each other more frequently

A (Conventional) Love Song!

Oh my Love! The throb and thrill of my life!
Why remain so elusive like will-o’- the- wisp?
Why vanish quickly like a delightful dream
Why fade out like a symphony sweet?

Rhyming Love

In the folds of night as a wave, you came
Charioted in a filmy dream
All night you were with me
And in love's uncharted land, we roamed

Simple Verse- Love's Magic

In the hush, hush silence of a twilight eve
Heard the gentle crooning of a dove
She was nestling close to her love
What thrill its lingering echo did give!

Is This What You Call Love?

What has happened to me of late
The sound of falling footsteps behind
Sends all my senses on a strike
Leaving me with thunderous pounding of the heart

Love Sparks

As our eyes met, sparks of love emitted
Emotions swelled, passions surged
Like a well full to the brim
A tear drop glistened in your eyes

My First Love Letter

Sure, it was love at first sight!
I knew, her very sight ignited a spark
Burning my dark interiors
Like charcoal on fire

Limerick-79. Fickle Love

Your love's so frivolous and fickle
It can scathe like a sickle'
She said offended.
At once he defended,

Limericks,11,12 Love At First Sight, Love As It Runs

Limerick… Love at First Sight

A lad and lass, on first sight fell in love
They flew as they were a pair of dove

Twin Triplets.No.14. Birth N' Death, Deadly Love


If waking is a mini birth
And sleeping, a minor death

Senryu- Seed Of Love

Simple Verse. No.9. Love At First Sight

A spark lit through presence
Fanned through glance
Brightened through absence
Blazed through romance

Adieu! My Love

Through the clamour of distressful days
I live alone in soulful memory of my Love
In vain, I keep my door ajar
For her light footsteps, once more to fall

Of Love

‘LOVE' - What mystique power it wields
In what myriad guise, it wraps!
At times a sweet ache so coy to reveal
Or a sudden urge, hard to unveil

The Great Saga Of Love

Born in a manger
Swaddled in rags
Amid the bleats of lambs
‘A bastard’ in some eyes

Twin Triplets (No.2) Doldrums, Lost Love


Mind, empty of music
On a lonesome beach

Five Liner. Aborted Love

Brave handsome hero
Eyelash fluttering heroine
An abrupt love was born
A villain came in between

Limerick Poem.75. On Love

A boy n' girl in love saw face to face
Each longed to be in sweet embrace
In a week, they were wed
But now as good as dead,

Triplet. Love

The Wail Of A Love Letter

Carrying the fever and heat
Of love’s first flame
I set out on a journey
Expectant and anxious,

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