A Clydesdale Pal Poem by Marilyn Lott

A Clydesdale Pal

Rating: 4.3

Oh, she was ever so beautiful
As she stood out in the grass
A pristine white fence surrounds her
There's no way I could simply pass

I know she hoped that I would visit
I knew that's what she thought
I'd snapped some amazing pictures
Great remembrances of her I've got

For I saw this pretty lady before
As she stood within her stall
Beth is the name she is called
She's lovely and that's not all

She has a grace you can't imagine
She'd be clumsy you might think
But she's neat when she nibbles grain
And lady-like when she drinks

Her markings are absolutely perfect
A white blaze upon her face
If you get her relative's book down
Impressive ancestry you would trace

She's a charmer, oh she really is
Makes you want to kiss her nose
Gentle and extremely wonderful
She's relaxed and quite composed

I hope you can visit like I did
This beautiful Clydesdale gal
I wish I could see her every day
I know we'd be such pals!

A Clydesdale Pal
Friday, May 18, 2007
Topic(s) of this poem: country,horse
Osceola Waters 19 May 2007

A beautiful animal, a beautiful poem, i can see that you love horses, as i do, you keep on writting young lady, O-Ho Osceola

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Geoff Warden 29 May 2007

Now this is a work of beauty....the leading to the end where a clydesdale pal is revealed... unto the structure of such flow in verse....beautiful just beautiful.....

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Patricia Gale 02 June 2007

A wonderful piece about a beautiful animal, lovely imagery seen through your words!

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Raul Castelan 08 June 2007

There is but detail in this one. I love the way you used it and kept me captivated. NICELY DONE! ! !

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Barbara Haskell 27 November 2007

descriptive, good imagery, great tone!

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Margaret O Driscoll 08 May 2016

I can picture the scene, Marilyn!

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Nikunj Sharma 31 October 2009

you have an eye for detail, a heart for appreciation and a blessed hand for spiining magic out of simple words.... wow is the word for this one....

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Graham Russell 15 August 2009

i wish i had known such a pal as you decribe... thank you gra

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Kesav Easwaran 30 September 2008

a beautiful write on a clydesdale pal...pleasing to mind...fluent flow of words...a poem, well written...10

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Kathleen West 29 September 2008

A sweet poem for our beautiful four legged friends. People used to depend on them for travel, now horses are quickly becoming too expensive to keep. They are such gentle giants and only want to please us...Good write! ....kathy

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Marilyn Lott

Marilyn Lott

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