A Diary Four (La Isla Samba) Poem by Ahmad Shiddiqi

A Diary Four (La Isla Samba)

Rating: 2.7

(dedicated to Ms. Catrina Heart, a poet friend at poemhunter)

this early sensuous Summer
I wander together with her
a voice of seagull calls
the sea is shimmering

thou beautiful one! my heart's desire
you have changed me by your love
my soul yearns for your care
my arm resting upon yours

your love has captured me
your love holds me back
swan flies up and soars
the birds sing in flocks

Muhammad Ali 14 February 2009

A good heart always posses smooth feelings for their friends good 10

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Ruerd Visser 14 February 2009

May you contlinue to share the fruits of your love! Thanksgreetings from Sneek Boomfriend Ruerd

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Ravi A 14 February 2009

In this poem also, repect tends to be a kind of love at one point. You may not be menaing it so but the poems reflects. In my opinion, let us not nurture this kind of sentiments to our well wishers and critics. It is all part of the game.

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Catrina Heart 14 February 2009

Oh! thank you so much for this heartfelt poem, overwhelming emotions fills me while reading through this lovely dedication. I loved the words seaguls and swan you used here in this vivid composition for they represent beauty and advancement to everything............ The island of Samba, wherein dance and music in Brazil goes perfect in a 4/4 beat and rhythm....lively and enjoyable one... Ahmad, I am giving you my humble and deepest appreciation for dedicating this sweet and eloquent composition of yours.....10++++++++++

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Ency Bearis 14 February 2009

great tribute verses for Catrina Heart..lovely..

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Michael Brock 06 May 2010

Your use of words is well done, very good flow and imagery, I like feel of this poem. It gives me a remembered feeling of young love... thanks for sharing Michael

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Surya . 24 June 2009

a lovely and wonderful poem.nice wording surya

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Indira Renganathan 29 March 2009

What a friendly dream...dream of a poem10

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Gargi Saha 24 February 2009

A wonderful poem..........10++++++ Love & hugs.

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Ben Gieske 20 February 2009

A nice place by the sea to visualize and contemplate. Helps beautify your thoughts of love. All the s words in the first stanze help create the right mood. Good writing.

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