A Lovely Family Poem by Obinna Kenechukwu Eruchie

A Lovely Family

Rating: 4.2

A lovely family
Is like the living tree,
Which bears love’s tendency,
Peaceful for all to be.
Joy that does beautify
Life so well is the key
To make all so happy.
The grace to build is spree,
Makes life to act sunny
In a way we agree
To stay sound in glory,
For sunlight to be free.

Ency Bearis 04 June 2009

nice theme...family is like a tree and yes indeed it is...nice write....10

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a warm and beatiful poem..happy birthday obinna..10+++

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Cindy Kreiner Sera 04 June 2009

Happy Birthday Obinna -a lovely write, a family is indeed a tree...that's where your roots are. May it grow straight and true always Cindy

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Indira Renganathan 07 June 2009

The concept of family till today is that much important...nice write

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Luwi Habte 07 June 2009

this is so great nice exolanation all is truth thanks for sharing

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David Beckham 31 July 2010

A loving family is like the living tree....and then I pause to ponder....HOW TRUE! ! ! great job. Love your style of writing.

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Supriya Prathapan 28 March 2010

In this modern materialistic world where people have no morals and most families in the urban world can rightly be called failures, this poem is indeed refreshing.10++

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Zachary Clark 19 October 2009

Being set free by having good morals with your family this is a grand piece I loved it.

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Kathleen Bartholomew 11 October 2009

The poem is honest and a change to read about a moral outlook. It is what God gives as a gift and so many people don't care abot each other. Well done for reminding us of that Kathleen Bartholomew

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Almedia Knight-Oliver 31 August 2009

Lovely poem of 'A Lovely Family' your poem says so much of what a family is: a tree is like a living tree which bear's love tendency-such a beautiful line that says it all.Read my poem 'I dote myself' a poem about myself as a living tree. I rate this lovely poem a 10+++

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