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A Proud Scarecrow

Rating: 5.0

An old scarecrow stood with his arms akimbo,
Thinking his dull life was now in limbo,
He somehow, never seemed to scare the crows,
He had tried hard enough, heaven knows.

His coat was torn and there were many more
Holes, where the crows had searched for straw.
His hat was looking limp and out of shape,
His shirt in the front, had begun to gape.

A fieldmouse had nested inside his sleeve,
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Sid John Gardner. 19 May 2006

Loved this one Ernestine.'Stone the Crows' where ever do you get your ideas from? Must try 'Yellow Brick Road' myself.Dorothy helped her three friends.Lion and Tin man need a bit of exposure too.LoL. Sid John xx

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Esther Leclerc 13 May 2006

Ernestine - this poem is fun and original; I just love it! Thanks for the good feeling. Oh, and believe it or not, on a walk last week I spotted a small scarecrow in someone's little veggie garden right here in suburbia - a quirky sight which made me smile. Esther : ]

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Duncan Wyllie 12 May 2006

I love the country scarecrow, I often used to look at them in the fields as they stood resting against a cross, I wonder whether people still make them, A fine write, lots of atmosphere and a positive end, A beautiful recipe, Love Duncan X

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Mary Nagy 12 May 2006

I love this Ernestine! Giving new life to that old scarecrow....wonderful poem! Sincerely, Mary

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David Threadgold 08 October 2008

Hi Ernestine. I was looking for a cheerful poem and you didn't fail me. A proud scarecrow who couldnt scare crows, but found his way in life. well done a treat to read. Regards Dave T 10/10

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Andrew Blakemore 29 February 2008

A lovely story with a happy ending too. Great write, Andrew x

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Brian Dorn 27 September 2006

Ernestine, I think we all feel a little tattered sometimes... your scarecrow provides hope for us all. Well done! Brian

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Will Barber 20 July 2006

I admired this so much - the scarecrow must sing louder 'for every tatter in its mortal dress'. This scarecrow seems to have found new life in Byzantine art.

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Daniel Tyler 21 May 2006

My goodness, how original. Very English as well, which is always a good sign. Superbly linked.

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