Addiction Poem by Rose Marie Juan-austin


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Addiction is like a quicksand
That pulls you down
To the deepest and darkest bottom.

Copyright 2020, Rose Marie Juan- Austin, All Rights Reserved

Unnikrishnan E S 20 December 2020

Wow! What a wonderful, forceful write! Congratulations, .

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Robert Murray Smith 20 December 2020

Magnificent example of poetry. Bravo!

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Anil Kumar Panda 20 December 2020

Yeah that is true. Once you are addicted to something it is very difficult to quit. A nice poem and nice share.

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Kesav Easwaran 21 December 2020

A truth. You bring it using a beautiful analogy. Nice three liner piece.5 stars

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Anjandev Roy 21 December 2020

To the deepest and darkest bottom........excellent write.....thank u.....anjandev roy.

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Robert Murray Smith 18 November 2021

Addiction, a human affliction. Drowns all that drink of its waters.

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Varsha M 06 January 2021

Yes you picked up just pulls you down into dark dungeon. Beautiful description.

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Robert Murray Smith 06 January 2021

Never better described.

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Susan Williams 06 January 2021

As this poem proves, brevity can be ultra powerful in getting the point across!

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Dr Dillip K Swain 06 January 2021

That's true! Addiction to poetry is tatally different from any other kind of addictions. I feel your addicted to poetry... nothing wrong in that. Carry on....5 stars

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