Blank Page Poem by Silentpoet Grl

Blank Page

Rating: 4.8

so empty, blank page
waiting to be filled
as it ought to be
putting pen to page
writing thoughts
using descriptive,
ugly words
of wretched memories
scribbling, releasing,
unloading pain
creating a tear stained
heavy, filled page

Dave Walker 28 October 2011

Another fantastic poem. Your work is So so good. Great write. May i invite you to read my new poem called, For nanna bertha.

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The 4am Poet Worm 28 October 2011

at least its just a page.. and not a book.. very depictive......

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Vanessa Hughes 29 October 2011

Excellent poem, sums up for me how writing about how you feel plus a good cry, can really help you feel better. Looking forwad to reading some more of your poetry. nessy x

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Cosmic Dreamer 31 October 2011

The pen allows emotions to spill out onto the page... Even a tear can possess beauty... Another fine poem...

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Margaret Beil 12 November 2011

Great Poem. An ocean of thoughts and meaning. It's good to get it down on paper x

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Kaila George 06 June 2012

There is a time when we all look at a blank page pondering what to write, but its when you feel the pain or laughter or Joy one has in their life that you start to fill up a blank page, and depending on what is happening in your life, ohh the storys we can tell. Is it not wonderful to be able to express ourselfes with so much life in our lives.

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Sharad Juneja 21 April 2012

Very nice........ now every time i look upon some blank page i will the same way

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Kara Towe 24 December 2011

I agree it is quite a ordeal writing about one's feelings, reliving moments that torment the soul, hopefully by writing out these things will lead to comfort, release, and better understanding of ourselves to be able to better cope. Never the less, not a easy task, (to say the least) . Your poetry is fantastic! May God grant you the strength to continue your journey. Compared to eternity this life is brief, our pain is character building, it can become our greatest strength has a continue to heal, giving us insight on what is important to live a good life. Really great writing this piece. So full of feeling. You write straight from the heart. [3

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Drew Good 06 December 2011

To the point and sooo true. Nice.

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Adeline Foster 12 November 2011

Good poem this. The thought of filling up that page is so powerful. Read mine - Cicatrix - Adeline

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