Bri's First July 2021 Showcase Of Poem-Hunter Poems...... [ Bri Shares Poems He Has Found & Liked On P-H ] Poem by Bri Edwards

Bri's First July 2021 Showcase Of Poem-Hunter Poems...... [ Bri Shares Poems He Has Found & Liked On P-H ]

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This is NOT a single poem written by me. It is a collection of poems, mostly by other poets. I have been putting together usually-monthly-showcases for years. This years' problems on P-H (which continue to a lesser degree) have caused me to miss several months and now I MAY have two smaller (than usual) showcases in the same month, as I did last month in June.

This time I've been somewhat disappointed when looking for poems to use. P-H seems to have not continued having a section where I used to be able to save 'favorite' poems in my 'MyPoemList'. So I cannot retrieve from this list of perhaps a 1000 poems I've saved from other poets (and myself) .


Life Goes On (For Some) On P-H

My life at home is nothing to brag about these days, but I'm surviving.
At least I'm eating and sleeping enough, & P-H seems to be reviving...
from its months of user-UNfriendliness. I'm NOT paranoid I''m sure,
as several other P-H members, with me, Bri Edwards, do now concur.

I meant others concur with me that P-H failed us with its 'new look'.
Now, much more than being on P-H, I find myself reading a book...
from my local library which is now open again (but with restrictions) .
It's so great how a murder mystery takes one's mind from the frictions...

.... humans encounter. Here I define 'frictions' as 'conflicts', big or small,
which unfortunately, I'm quite sure, have at times adversely affected us all.
I hope the poems I've chosen find some favor in my readers searching eyes.
If not, I must tell you, I'll be disappointed. Would that be, to you, a surprise?

bri edwards

(July 8th,2021)


The SHOWCASE: The poems are copied and pasted from the poems' pages on PH. Any 'errors' in the poems are originating from the poets OR from something P-H did. I'm not at fault.......(this time) . Ha ha.
Bri Edwards


(Inspired by Eleanor Farjeon's poem 'Cats sleep anywhere)

Babies Cry Anywhere

Gah,, babies cry anywhere
Anywhere and everywhere
In the cot or rocking chair
They may bawl
While they crawl

In your lap
After a nap

In the basinet
On the sofa set

In the car
Near or far

On the shore
On the floor
In the baby sling
Or the baby swing

In the pram
Or the tram

In the bath tub
For a scrub

On the bed
Until its fed

Aw babies cry anywhere
In your arms or high chair

God designed crying as babies way to talk
so they can commune like that everywhere

s.zaynab kamoonpuri

Monday, November 16,2020

Bri's Notes on this poem: I suggest using 'communicate', not 'commune', in the last line.

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[speaking of 'babies'; see poem #1, above]:

Creation (Maybe Not What You Think) ......[girl-To-Woman; Baby-Making; Long; Relationships]

Preteen socialization;
Her first menstruation;
Mom's explanation;
Girl's apprehension;
Girl's imagination.

Bra initiation;
Boys paying more attention;
Her girlfriend conversation;

First Communion;
Mom's admonition;
Classroom flirtation;
Diary notation;
Awkward situation.

Softball competition;
Scholastic concentration;
Pimple medication;
Eye examination;
Eyeglasses prescription;
Eyeglasses selection.

Teenage titillation;
Girlfriend's revelation;
Girl's excitation;
Girl's apprehension.

Junior Prom invitation;
Buy boy a carnation;
Night of anticipation;
Parent's escortation;
Close-dancing sensation.

More scholastic concentration.

Mother/daughter European vacation;
College campus visitations;
High school senior year expectations;
SAT examinations;
College applications.

Senior Ball invitation;
Car date anticipation;
Mom's admonition;
Ball dress and hairdo selection;
Softball home plate collision;
Left leg in traction;
No Senior Ball action;
Frustration (but relaxation) .

College acceptance and selection;
Awards presentation;
High school graduation.

Gyn examination;
NO birth control prescription;
(Mom's admonition) .

Cornell U. orientation;
Campus church affiliation;
Choir participation;
Scholastic concentration;
Ignoring boys' flirtations;
Avoiding temptations.

Junior year sorority invitation;
Sorority initiation.

Fraternity party invitation;
First inebriation;
Fondling and excitation;
Close call situation.

Senior year Dean's List selection;
Trouble resisting temptation;
Weekly Catholic confession sessions;
Summa cum laude graduation.

Law school acceptance and selection;
Legal studies concentration;
Study group participation.

Widowed law professor's attentions;
Girl's uncontrollable fascination;
Gyn exam; birth control prescription;
Dinner invitation.

Wining and dining and speculation;
Apprehension and excitation;
Her first penetration.

Good times but no marriage mentions.

Law professor's recommendation;
Interview with law firm partners; her apprehension;
She accepts the firm's job invitation.

Two years hard work; no hesitation;
Pride in work; first promotion.

Christmas office party introduction;
Instant mutual physical attraction;
Lively conversation;
Mutual admiration;
Exchange phone and email information;
Same night brief phone connection.

Three months of weekend recreation;
Taking turns at restaurant selection;
Sharing their pasts recollections.

Three day weekends to make parent introductions;
Each time a pleasant reception;

Overnight his & her visitations;
Agreement to try cohabitation;
His place one week; her place next week; a rotation;
A jointly agreed move to new location.

Three months more of smooth transition;
She stops using birth control prescription;
Their second shared Christmas celebration.

He buys a ring in anticipation;

New Year's Eve in their new habitation;
Pizza and beer; slight inebriation;
Cuddling on couch; relaxation;
Watching fireworks with fascination.

Bedtime preparation;
NO anticipation;
Bare skin touching brings sensations;
Sensations become explorations;
No need for forced stimulation;
She finds his full erection,
and presents her open invitation.

Excitation; natural lubrication;
Brief exclamations;
His exhaustion;
Her satisfaction.

New Years resolutions;
Her anticipation.

Fertilization (conception) ? ? ;
Implantation? ? ;
Cell division? ?
Creation? ?

Drug store visitation;
Home testing for procreation;
Positive color indication;
Call for Ob-Gyn examination;
Waiting for doctor's corroboration.

Valentine's Day dinner reservation;
Candlelit dinner in quiet location;
Dessert and check presentation;
She speaks first, announcing her 'condition';
He beams at her a smile of great admiration;
She breathes a sigh of relaxation;
Holding hands as they sample sweet confections.

Check paid, they sit in contemplation;
Now he makes HIS presentation;
A sparkling diamond; a second creation;
She accepts proposal with teary emotion;
Their fingers entwine with devotion;
DOUBLE celebration.

Parents notified; what a commotion! !

To-have-baby-before-wedding; their joint decision;
Plans for baby's room is a vision;
Doctor visits; sonogram examinations;
Naming-and-raising-a-baby books consultations.

Otherwise his & her work & play routine continuation.

Mom-to-be's nutrition;
No inebriation;
Names selection;
Couples' Lamaze classes for relaxation.

One-month-to-go excitation;
Two-weeks-to-go her mom comes for visitation;
Three-days-to-go strange bedtime sensation;
Phone call to doctor; to-hospital-decision.

Drive to hospital: first REAL contractions;
Amniotic fluid soaks padded car seat cushion.

To labor room; beginnings of dilation;
Intravenous fluid line insertion;
Assuming the ‘frog-legs' position.

Perineum preparation;
'Mom' does practice inhalations and exhalations;
'Dad' stays though craving caffeine injection.

Arrival of the obstetrician;
Dilation progression.

Baby in correct position;
No foreseen complication;
Clock hands in motion;
Baby's head presentation.

'Mom's' time for exertion;
Dilation; contraction;
Dilation; contraction;
Contraction; dilation;
Inhale and exhalation;
Pushing exertion;

Getting close now; concentration;
End of nine months preparation;
Doctor asks for last BIG exertion.

Out pops baby;
Doctor's congratulations;
It's a GIRL.
Dad's and Mom's exhilaration;
Wiping off the perspiration;
Parents beam with satisfaction;
Elation! !


Bri Edwards

Saturday, December 15,2012


I know 'escortation' is not an accepted word...not on computer anyway. 'Gyn exam' refers to 'gynecological exam'.
i am a father of one girl. I did go to couples' Lamaze classes. My wife and I did make a trip to a nearby hospital after 'false contractions' I believe, were sent home, but returned soon again. I was in the labor room; we never made it to the delivery room. Much of the stuff in the poem is 'made up' from watching TV and movies, and hearing other people's experiences.

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A Different Kind Of Virus

She wore a fancy mask,
He too.
She looked at him at askance,
He too.
Their masks covered their mouth, nose and chin
And gave them protection of sorts against Covid-19.

But alas! With a few exchanges of looks,
The poor guy got attacked
With a different kind of virus.
Rays emitted by the stars of her eyes
Were not defendable by the Covid mask.
The guy was shot down by those amorous rays!

08 June 2021

Khairul Ahsan
Tuesday, June 8,2021

Despite social distancing, home quarantine, etc, love goes on!

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[ speaking of love; see poem # 3, above ]:


Memories are congregating
For their daily rendezvous,
Dancing and circling 'round my mind,
There is no averting their view

Intruders and invited guests
Start to emerge from their lair,
Disparaging, disruptive thoughts,
Defiling the calm, peaceful air
Damn memories just hang around,
The mind has no sense of shame,
Attempting to halt their advance
I light the sacrificial flame

I fan the fire and watch the blaze,
They will torment me no more....
But some escape to join the fold
That time has managed to restore
Reflections of the past still live
In the scrapbook of my mind,
The pain that stains each solemn page
Might disappear..... if time were kind

Memories.... friend and foe alike
That time will not put to rest,
Dubious tribute to a life
That sadly failed each daunting test

Lora Colon

Saturday, May 10,2014

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[ speaking of 'problems'; see poem # 4, above ]:

Quandry Resolved

My wife just reminded me:
'The garbage gets collected tomorrow morning
And you'd better take it out now.'

Why doesn't she take it out herself once in a while?
Why do I have to do it all the time?
I've always been a supporter of gender equality,
But women don't seem to want equality for men.
Why do I have to get up to give a woman a seat,
Hold the door open for a woman,
Pick up the bill in a restaurant,
And why can't they put the seat down,
Since I've had to lift it up?

I asked my wife why I always have to
Carry out the garbage.
She replied:
'Because men have to be punished! '

'Oh, ' I said, 'well, okay, that makes sense, '
And I went to tie up the plastic bags and
Carry them down.

Eugene Levich

Saturday, December 22,2018

Bri's Notes about the poem: I read this poem the last two years also, but ONLY TODAY discovered that 'Quandry' should be spelled ' Quandary'! !

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Cookies are so inviting,
And Grandma has learned the art;
Each one bares the stamp of her heart.

Cookies are so inviting,
They seem to beckon and say;
It's a shame to be put away.
Cookies are so inviting,
And one of them's calling to me.
Why, I felt it wink; don't you see?

Cookies are so inviting;
Although we are ready to go,
There're only two left don't you know.

Cookies are so inviting;
Their taste is still in the air
As long as there's still one there.

Cookies are so inviting
To little fingers and eyes
Creeping slowly toward the prize…

Cookies are so inviting

Adeline Foster

Thursday, September 22,2016

Bri's Notes:
Yum yum! I love cookies, big and small. I want cookies. I want them ALL!
And Adeline uses 'them's', which I believe is a properly-used contraction of 'them is', though the computer underlines it with a red line.

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I Need To Get Among The Horses

I need to get among the horses
I need to talk to them again
I need to feel their breath on my face
I need to feel the strength of their muscles
I need to ride them again
They give my heart wings
They restore my soul
Riding through the desert
in the early light of dawn
in the cool of morning breeze
watching the pheasants rise
watching the coyote breaking cover
feeling the power and grace of horse
beneath me one more time.
Riding through the cottonwoods
in the green barn pasture
down by the river down by the pond
down where the sunlight filters down through the leaves
and speckles light and shadow upon the horse and me
feeling the power and grace of horse
beneath me one more time.
I need to walk among the horses again
I need to walk among them one more time
I need to ride the horses bareback again
I need to ride them one more time
I am not who I am without them
They gave my heart wings
They restored my soul.
~~~~~~~~~~©2021 Susan Williams.

Susan Williams

.Saturday, June 12,2021

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They said
You are my better half
Out of my rib you came
Bullshit, I say
You are the whole
You have never been half

Throw Adam to the winds
Eve was always full
All this talk about half and quarter
Coming off a rib whatever
Is just childish prattle
A woman is always full
As green as mother earth and lushly filled

My mom was full
A full woman all the while
No matter what my silly dad thought
No matter how many times she wept
Who would care what he felt
In his chauvinistic masculinity
That had no meaning
Beyond the hairs of his silly moustache
That greyed and died in time

We belong to a land
Where Mother reigns supreme
She stomps the heavens
As well as the earth below
She is the power
That creates the worlds
We call Her by a million names
And yet never are we satisfied

Woman, woman, woman
Mother, mother, mother
Get into the veins of men
Be their life-blood so
There always is a flow
Unto infinity
Unending procreativity

Oh woman, what is the world
Without you and your smile
Here are the flowers that I can find
From all over the earth
At your feet, never ever fret
Men know they can't be
Without you on their left

Fools are they
Just forgive
For you are woman
You always forgive

Madathil Rajendran Nair

Tuesday, March 3,2015

Bri's Notes:

I'm glad to see that P-H did not delete 'Bullshit', a fine word.

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Feeling Older

When it's cold outside
Put on something warm
and take it for a walk
if that's possible

Ask for help if you need it
Or people may look at you funny
and wonder out loud why
you didn't just stay home
If you can't stand up straight
You will suffer with a bad back
And that's worse than any problem
You may have now

Don't rush because
You can't and thinking otherwise
is nothing more than a guarantee
of convalescence
Time to take a breath!

M.J. Lemon

Tuesday, August 11,2015

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Thus concludes another 'usually-monthly' showcase of P-H poems. I hope some readers have enjoyed some of them.

bri edwards


July 11th,2021

P.S. Thanks to all poets whose poems have been displayed above. If anyone sends me a poem to consider for inclusion in a future showcase, I will plan to consider it after reading and commenting.

Bri's First July 2021 Showcase Of Poem-Hunter Poems...... [ Bri Shares Poems He Has Found & Liked On P-H ]
This is NOT a single poem written by me. It is a collection of poems, mostly by other poets. I have been putting together usually-monthly-showcases for years. This years' problems on P-H (which continue to a lesser degree) have caused me to miss several months and now I MAY have two smaller (than usual) showcases in the same month, as I did last month in June. This time I've been somewhat disappointed when looking for poems to use. P-H seems to have not continued having a section where I used to be able to save 'favorite' poems in my 'MyPoemList'. So I cannot retrieve from this list of perhaps a 1000 poems I've saved from other poets (and myself) .
Varsha M 18 July 2021

Poem 4 is another gem memories. The poet had been successful enough to so wisely show the face of memories troubling and memories making happy. Whatever you do it never goes away. Indeed a memorable poem.

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Varsha M 18 July 2021

Poem 3 is really beautiful. I admire the poets poetic skill in presenting virus of a different kind that really makes the persoy crippled. It's a very enjoyable and admirable read.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 18 July 2021

Very straightforward write imbued with humor and wit. To my Poem List.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 18 July 2021

Well crafted anf expressed poems that dwell on life. Interesting lines that depict life without any tinge of pretension. Verybstraightforward

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 18 July 2021

I visited this showcase twice to read all the 9 poems. Again you did an amazing showcase, Bri.

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M.J. Lemon 22 July 2021

Brilliant showcase, Bri. You are back and in fine form!

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Savita Tyagi 21 July 2021

Great showcase Bri. Just read Kharul hasan and Susan Williams poems. Enjoyed them both. Thanks for all your effort.

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M Asim Nehal 19 July 2021

Disappearance of comments is very common feature in PH now a days, Can't help it, other than to repost.

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Varsha M 18 July 2021

Poem5 is a unique one. We all do our shares but this doubting always come until the woman nentions its a punishment and then it is taken. Beautiful quandary resolved.

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Varsha M 18 July 2021

Poem 6 makes me hungry. Indeed cookies melt in mouth making life even more smooth. So well composed. I can't sit idle until its over. Indeed they always call.

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