Butterflies Poem by Savita Tyagi


Rating: 4.8

A small butterfly
Hovers upon Jasmine,
As white and delicate as
It's petals.
The one turns to two, and then three!
Their golden edge wings like
Conjugated petals dancing free.
Their rapt frisking
Spellbound drumming!

Sunday, September 20, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: butterflies,flowers
Anil Kumar Panda 20 September 2020

Such a beautiful poem on Jasmine and the butterfly. Short and sweet one. Thanks for sharing.

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M Asim Nehal 20 September 2020

I see them fluttering and playing music and dancing around, Great imagery created. Awesome.5 Stars

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Kumarmani Mahakul 20 September 2020

Butterflies on Jasmine flowers give us pleasant moments and glee to us. The inscription about this is so nicely inscribed by you. Thank you dear madam. Full vote or five stars.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 24 September 2020

A beautifully crafted write with compelling imagery. This marvelous poem made me at close range with the beautiful butterfly and lovely jasmine. Top Marks! !

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Susan Williams 19 March 2023

oh the so lovely verbs you chose for the delicate flutterbys! ! ! you have set them to dancing in our minds and we thank you for the God-inspired words---top marks and a fav

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Bri Edwards 29 November 2020

Boy, those butterflies DO multiply! ! bri :) Alas. " its" not " it's" , my friend. ha ha.

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Budhashaya Behera 31 October 2020

I love butterflies flying over flowers. I love to hear flute of my child Lord. His flute motivates me. Hare Krishna,

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Mahtab Bangalee 15 October 2020

poetic mind enjoying here all beautiful where the earthly butterflies shining all like the divine angels

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Butterflies and flowers become unable to identify because of their similarity in colour. There is a poem in Malayalam, " Look mother, lot of flowers are flying off from this vine..." Its a coversation between a child and its mother, in which to the child the flying butterflies seem to be flowers themselves. Thank you Savitaji for rewinding the childhood. Full score.

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