Controlling Anger Before It Controls You Poem by Mamta Agarwal

Controlling Anger Before It Controls You

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When toxic and volatile emotions
Are causing confusion and commotion,
Feelings are hijacked, hot thoughts race,
Mind gets enveloped in a rage.

As a consequence, visibility comes down,
It’s wise to shift gears and slow down.
Switch on the wipers
And clear the fog on the mind’s mirror.

Lest you forever live to regret
And wonder how I met with an accident.
Take few deep breaths, and count to ten,
As anger clouds the perception.

Your ability to discern goes haywire
So whatever you say backfires.
First deal with your inner pollution,
To stop firing deadly ammunition.

Remove yourself from the object of your ire
Lest you shoot arrows of fire
And give in to your primitive instinct,
Do something that your mood uplifts.

When the fog finally lifts
You’ll realise, perception does shift.
Then you’ll be glad
Things didn’t get out of hand.

Anger is our worst enemy
Causes havoc in our life and body chemistry.

Marilyn Lott 23 August 2008

You send a very powerful message about anger. We all have it but many cannot control the rage and terrible things occur because of it. Great poem! A '10! ' Best Wishes, Marilyn

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Rema Prasanna 23 August 2008

When Pak attacks Indian borders, India for sure not control anger and sits back. If Pak offers peace India takes peace not arms. Anger beyond is not good but required if needed but angry for ever is not a good package.10 for a good perception

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Sathyanarayana M V S 23 August 2008

A very good medicine/prescription for anger. While detailing the dangers of anger u have also given wonderful suggestions to control it. I remember from Bhagavat Geeta 'Krodadbhavathi sammohaha, sammohath smrithi vibhrama smrithi bhramshath buddhi nasha buddhi nasha pravishtathi' a grand 10++++

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Ency Bearis 24 August 2008

a nice advise..anger control management... Ency Bearis

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Vidi Writes 24 August 2008

Whatever has begun in Anger Ends with shame. Knowingly... Every one ends with this shame. A slave of Temper and Irritations is what human amde of. However said... whatever thought It just peeps out time and again. Way out? ? ? ? Yes there is... Admit that its the EGO Its the feeling of ME... that ruins us.. That drives us to a shameful end Admi this... try to come out of it.. Its not ME.... its WE.... Thats the power. Very thought provoking one.. Enjoyed reading this...

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Sadiqullah Khan 03 September 2008

Anger never changes the reality outside except remorse later on, , alas, if that demon was under control, , fine words in stanzas, ,10

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Anjali Sinha 28 August 2008

When the fog finally lifts You’ll realise, perception does shift. Then you’ll be glad Things didn’t get out of hand. Very true-often we do things in fit of anger and then regret. Thought provoking poem +10 regards anjali

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Vidyadhar Durgekar 26 August 2008

Anager is a pollution of inner self.......... An emotion which destroys more than doing any good.Any good achieved this way can not permanent and will destroy the values by whcih virtues stood A very good write.............

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Rani Turton 24 August 2008

I guess there is a positive anger which makes you fight against social or familal injustice, and a blind rage which is ego-driven and sees affront everywhere. That's the way it seems to me. A nice thought-provoking poem.

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Sarwar Chowdhury 24 August 2008

...very significant thoughts came out with fine words.......10+++++++++

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