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Cotton Candy Trees

Rating: 5.0

No more, those blissful days
when we watched cotton candy trees
blossom in the Spring,
listened to the trickle of silver streams
and the whisper of the wind
through tall grasses.

All was well with the world
and life was full of promise.

But its an ill wind that blows now,
stirring my soul with bleak despair.
Everything comes to an end,
and I can see it in your eyes.

We are left with only an empty silence,
each with our own thoughts.

It’s the end of all things,
of all things that we once knew.

You are leaving....

but I will follow you.

Dee Corpolongo 28 May 2013

Love this very sad but oh so true poem concerning life as it once was, and love Thomas's comment/poem to go along with it! Such great poets here! ! ! Although it is sad, it is still amazing, Val, and I can relate all to well. {{{hugs}}}

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Diane Hine 19 May 2013

Even when thoughts are very sad, there is still comfort to be found in sharing them.

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The pessimistic veil being transparent and the melancholic note being quite natural in drawing such pictures, dear Valerie, you always stick to your poetic urge of experimenting with the innovative in painting life... Go ahead.

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Valsa George 17 May 2013

Again the tone of melacholy! ! You are leaving / But I will follow you! Instead of being crest fallen, follow him and call him back! Very poignant! !

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Paul Brookes 16 May 2013

Such a sad poem. I Know the feelings all too well when I lost my partner. All partings are bereavements even if its splitting up or divorcing You express loss so well 10/10 thanks for sharing BB : O)

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Walterrean Salley 13 June 2013

A beautiful write Val. It is very sad when good things must come to end.

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Mary Forrester 13 June 2013

Beautiful poem Valerie, yet so sad.

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R.j. Wynn 11 June 2013

Yes my fiend, I will follow, we will at last hold hands eternally.

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Mary Forrester 06 June 2013

So sad Valerie but beautifully written

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Heather Wilkins 29 May 2013

It might be the ending of some things, but a beautiful beginning of new things to come sad but nice write

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