Crimson River

Rating: 3.9

A crimson river, labyrinthine flows
Down streams traversing sinister terrains
And onwards drifts along the path of life
Through myriad courses, rivulets, and veins
Along a way that takes it to the heart
Then on to where the ring of love remains

A crimson river weaving through your mind
That twists and turns one billion-fold therein
To search out all the feelings that you feel
Plus all the memories that lie within
To raise a train of thought that is sublime
Of dreams, imagination set to spin

Note: This is a poem and therefore a flight of fancy or product of the imagination, and is not meant to be a medical paper or a treatise on biology. It is meant as a very general view of the circulatory system and its role in maintaining life.
Danny Draper 21 April 2012

The imagination and it's macinations knows no boundaries to beauty and creativity.

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Diane Hine 20 April 2012

Fascinating celebration of our incredible machinery.

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Dave Walker 20 April 2012

Wow, really like it, this is fantastic poem, really great.

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Sharad Juneja 20 April 2012

What a write..another beautiful creation

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Heather Wilson 19 April 2012

Crimson River a beautiful poem, You are still in top gear Val, brilliant imagination.

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Fuzzy James 22 March 2013

Wow, wish i could write poems like this. Amazing!

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Chris Blazo 14 August 2012

I thought it was more literal, but then I thought nah. Then I read your footnote. A good poem on a meandering path. Liked it!

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Patti Masterman 29 May 2012

Ha, I really enjoyed this. Never guessed it was about the circulatory system! I'm curious about that 'ring of love' now.. ;)

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Vincent Kuo 22 May 2012

The river out of Eden

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Generally nice poem..Is it crimson river or a tunnel, because our circulatory system is closed to maintain pressure, particularly, the line, the crimson river weaving through our mind. , if mind means brain..When I imagine, it looks like crimson water falls around the brain... But I enjoyed reading this poem, except for this small avoidable thing..Well done Valerie Dohren

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