Doggerel, Drivel And Dreck (Oh My) Poem by Esther Leclerc

Doggerel, Drivel And Dreck (Oh My)

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Dreck writes itself,
caring not, says 'What the heck'
to all this rot - - that is, the thought
that words can mean an awful
lot or that they arise from a
Place that can't be sought.

Now, Drivel differs in that it suffers
emotional leaks plus annoying squeaks,
stealing furtive peeks at others' works
for 'inspiration' (see plagiarization) ,
failing (silly jerk) to capture
the rapture of original quirk.

Alas, not forgotten, unfortunately,
there is but one more entity:
Doggerel, doggedly determined to
be embraced like dogma by you
and me - - less of which said the better
for much like a wet woolen sweater,
Doggerel and Kin stink high up to
heaven, sticking itch-i-ly to poetic skin.

As Fate dictates, the writer is
the last to know, always,
that D., D. & D.has him/her
by trembling toe as,
dear Friend in Poetry,
I well should know (alas) -!


Charles M Moore 05 May 2006

Excellent and cleverly put poetic verse, a credit to the site.

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Chuck Audette 05 May 2006

A new one from Est! Yeah! Very creative, you at your best! -chuck

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Duncan Wyllie 06 May 2006

Only hear, without fear for all that is dear to your heart, Love duncan XXX

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Esther Leclerc 06 May 2006

Good point, Duncan, and I do love a good heartfelt poem; you know it! Esther : ]

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Gina Onyemaechi 07 May 2006

Funny, clever, and vastly creative. Kudos to you, Esther! ! ! Love, Gina. PS: I think the title 'Dreck, Drivel, and Doggerel' would be more fitting, but it's up to you. Gina.

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Barry Van Allen 17 February 2007

Esther, You had fun writing that, I'll bet - - - and I had fun reading that!

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David Dennis 28 November 2006

This is fun. We need more of this.

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Lori Boulard 07 July 2006

Esther, this is great! I love the rhythm and music (Lamont would cringe, I know) of it. Very original and funny.

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Alison Cassidy 28 June 2006

Esther, What fun! I love your use of alliteration and rhyme in this satirical expose of bad poetry. I particularly enjoyed your expression 'emotional leaks'. Very clever. I have a soft spot for doggerel, provided that it's clever and well constructed. Otherwise it's dog sh....t. Thanks for giving me a good laugh! love, Allie XX

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Sandra Erickson 19 May 2006

Oh my, indeed! This is sooooo funny, Esther. I loved every word! Sandra, still laughing

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