Despair Poem by Esther Leclerc


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hope dies hard, it is said
always I agreed
knowing this truth for myself
comes a point in the
scheme of things when
the strangling is complete
and so
hope expires because the
subject herself is dead
whether she breathes or
not is beside the point

(7.5.06 - Live on in hope, Little Spirit)

Lori Boulard 07 July 2006

Ah yes, so true, though I try to hang on to those little threads as much as I can. 20 minutes from the beach, eh? Take a deep breath of fresh air for me, okay? Thanks for this one, Lori

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Brian Dorn 08 July 2006

Esther, a very profound ending statement... once we give up on hope, we've given up on life. A somber yet powerful write... well done. Brian

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Duncan Wyllie 09 July 2006

Hang in there darling hope is never lost, it just needs to be found Love duncan x

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Scarlett Treat 10 July 2006

I don't know the story behind this, Esther, but it is so oddly despairing that it is disquieting and sad. Well written and sad. Scarlett

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Charles M Moore 14 July 2006

Valuable and concise, well written, When all hope is gone, you are left with gone.

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Barry Van Allen 17 February 2007

Esther, Nicely said!

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Fred Gold 22 January 2007

Esther. wow! I enjoyed it.

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Prasanna Kumari 20 January 2007

i liked this a lot with its strangling feeling of depression..this is deep with meaning also

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jack russell 19 January 2007

Another deep one, Esther, but graphically to the point, without any unnecessary 'tarting up'. I like this a lot :) Hugz jack :)

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Robert Howard 24 December 2006

Wonderfully crafted. Damn everything but the circus!

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Esther Leclerc

Esther Leclerc

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