Footprints Of My Silence Poem by Romeo Della Valle

Footprints Of My Silence

Rating: 4.9

Simple words revealing a pure love
That slowly is drowning me
In the deep Ocean of my silence
Every time I think of you
While sorrows and sadness
Little by little are killing me...

Last night, while pretending
That I was waiting for you,
I suddenly felt a chill,
That clearly froze my heart and mind
And for a second,
I thought it was you approaching
But it turned out to be
My mind playing tricks on me...
I felt really devastated and empty,
Like a morning without dew
Or a dried rose without scent
Or a candle consumed by time..

Now, alone and terribly sad,
While listening to an old song
That reminds me of the time
When we were happy together
Some time ago...
Vivid memories of my past
Ripping my life apart
Every day that passes by
And I still think of you,
Then like a baby I cry,
Saying goodnight to myself
Hoping that tomorrow
Will be a better day
When I would bury my past
But preserve my Hope and Faith...

©All Rights Reserved-2011


Cosmic Dreamer 30 October 2011

I lost myself in your poem and danced amongst your words... The journey was spectacular... Wonderful poem, well written...

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Hans Vr 31 October 2011

So nice and full of feeling. this is wonderful. Well written, Romeo.

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Unwritten Soul 01 November 2011

The feeling you craved here such a deep sculpture in emotion, it really something good shape, the poem really have a depth of ocean and everybody can swim in your sea..a sea of feeling...romeo, This is really Great work like you always create, u are really talented poet :) keep writing and thanks for sharing 10+++_Unwritten Soul

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(De Va) 02 November 2011

wow....what more can I say, you took me into your soul and let me see your pain...thank you....blessings

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Maria C. Pires Costa 03 November 2011

This is a very expressive, straightforward, heartfelt, wonderful poem. It really is the authentic outcome of intense feelings and emotions. I also love the imagery, particularly these comparisons: ' Like a morning without dew/ Or a dried rose without scent/ Or a candle consumed by time.' Wishing you much hope and all God's blessings upon you!

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ijlal Haider 13 November 2011

firstly....thanks for your comments....its means alot..... My mind playing tricks on me... I felt really devastated and empty, Like a morning without dew Or a dried rose without scent Or a candle consumed by time.. absolutly wounderful thought....

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Siyabonga A Nxumalo 12 November 2011

'like a dried rose with no scent' that exactly how one feels when you don't have that special someone, longing for something and yet not being able to have feel empt..! great write my brother...BRAVO!

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Leah Ayliffe 12 November 2011

passionate poem! I really like how even though there is so much sadness, there is a glimpse of hope at the end :)

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Bella Hernandez 05 November 2011

beautiful poem i relate to it so easily everyday i feel that my true love will come and find me but when i wake up from that day dream i see that hes no where insight makes me feel worst about myself for being a fool great write ~Bella

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Sajna Kailas 05 November 2011

beautiful poem where the sweet sorrow of love came out. the way you competed the poem is loss a love is painful for all times but recalling its memory is very sweet give some hope but sometimes it kill our moods! ! ! ! ending the poem with a hope is really good! ! keep it up! ! God bless you! ! ! ! ! !

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