From These Ashes I Rise Poem by Silentpoet Grl

From These Ashes I Rise

Rating: 5.0

laying at the bottom of a dark abyss
crying out, pleading in desperation
up from these ashes i hope to rise
fighting to emerge from this deep pit
clawing my way through strife i climb
cutting the strangling vines of fear
wrapping tight around me, choking
breaking free, through the darkness
a ray of light and warmth cuts through
seeing hope of making it out alive
standing at the top you are waiting
reaching out to take your offered hand
giving me one last burst of strength
you start to pull me up, till we lock eyes
my smile fades, and my heart sinks
as i read in your hateful piercing glare
all the angry words that burn so deep
noticing how i was fooled yet again
trying to hang on, fear overtakes me
my hand starts slipping from yours,
pushing me, ripping your hand away
sending me falling through anguish
shattering as i crash back to the bottom
all hope escaping, no strength remains
as i land back down amongst my ashes.

Crimson Love 15 November 2011

I enjoyed this poem, I could imagine the scene in my head, truly a beautiful melencholic poem. ^_^ Tehehehe! : D

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Renu Kakkar 15 November 2011

read the poem gives a good visual, words are well interwoven

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Margaret Beil 16 November 2011

The imagery of this poem is so strong but I saw you flying above it like a beautiful phoenix.10

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Pari Dharawat 16 November 2011

This poem is sad, yet theres pleasure in reading this poem. u crash, u rise and then again u crash. i hope there is again a rise as the title suggests. Nice poem

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A Lifetime Of Fame 16 November 2011

This is a really sad (but awesome) poem. Like Margret said, the imagery is absolutely amazingly vivid and life like. Yet, we still find a sense of hope in this poem, because we give ourselves the wings and we soar through the winds of life into something much better. Tremendously beautiful, Great write! Keep it up!

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Jonathan Harris 26 November 2011

Keep these poems coming. great stuff.

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Eric Cockrell 26 November 2011

from the ashes you will rise, via your own hands! good poetry!

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Vincent Valentine 24 November 2011

I liked this poem alot, very well thought. keep up the good work.

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Aric Wilsie 17 November 2011

some things are illusive...

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Ramesh Rai 17 November 2011

nice poem. well versed and poignant.

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