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Gotta Get A Cape

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Maybe all I need is a cape.
Every superhero has one.
Give me a cape and a cool name
And then I'll really have some fun.
Let me defend the weak and abused
Or vindicate someone accused.
My fame will spread both far and near;
At my approach all fans will cheer!
Never once will I fail;
I will always prevail,
And - - - - hold on, did someone just sneer?

Gotta Get A Cape
All I Need is a Cape- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Written and posted on Poem Hunter the first time 12 October 2016. How it started: I was walking around town pushing my little great-grandson in a stroller when I saw a car with this sign in the window: ‘I am fairly certain that, given a cape and a tiara, I could save the world'. I thought that was pretty funny. For some reason, this one lasted a year without getting a soundtrack added. Poem hunter has been adding soundtracks to many of my poems the same day they are posted! Finally they added a soundtrack and I deleted the poem and re-submitted it with gibberish in the poem area and the poem itself in the poet's notes area. I did that to many of my poems and it worked for a while, and then they started adding soundtracks to the gibberish! Some people were clicking on my poems and only finding gibberish, not looking at the poet's notes, so I moved the poems back into the poem area again. The next time it was posted was 17 October 2018. This time no soundtrack was added, but very few people ever read the poem after that. Without the soundtrack, it never gets put in the ‘next poem' loop because the next poem is linked only to the next video. So I am finally posting it for the last time. I know a video will get added, but I can live with that now. I don't fight it anymore. Kim Barney, Kaysville, Utah,4 September 2021
Rose Marie Juan-austin 04 September 2021

A fascinating and entertaining write. Very imaginative. Liked the closure line and your picture. Top Marks!

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 05 September 2021

Kim, you are a superhero. You never fail to pt a smile on my face. That, sir, is hard to do Bravo!

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Robert Murray Smith 04 September 2021

We all could do with a cape.

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Kostas Lagos 05 September 2021

It wasn't me! I didn't sneer! Honestly. I love this poem!

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Kostas Lagos 05 September 2021

It wasn't me! I

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Susan Williams 21 October 2021

I didn't know they added sound tracks to the poems---the things I learn! all I know is I enjoy your humor and may you get a cape soon for your heroic poetry! 5 stars, my friend!

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Kim Barney 12 October 2021

Bri, I tried to reply to your comment, but the computer did not seem to accept my reply. It was: Anyone who would go to a psychiatrist needs his head examined!

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Bri Edwards 11 October 2021

They sneer out of jealousy. It happens to me all the time. Perhaps Cape Of Good Hope is available? ? ? bri ;)

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Bri Edwards 11 October 2021

Are you sure (re your photo) you aren't a psychiatrist? ? ?

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Sylvia Frances Chan 02 October 2021

Now your grandson has become 5 years older. FIVE years, dear Kim. What atime! Thank you so much for your POET's Story. Great!

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