Gratitude For Gratis Favors Poem by s.zaynab kamoonpury

Gratitude For Gratis Favors

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From the bottom of my
I thank you honey bee
for all that liquid gold
that's bought and sold
Your precious honey
from your tiny womb
Ah, God bless thy fine
But sorry for stealing
your liquid of healing!

And thankyou baa baa
bleating sheep
for your warming fluffy
The cold makes the
babies weep
and they could die of the

Mother hen to you
for protein packed trays
of gratis eggs
and forgive me, for
delicious drumstick legs!

And mooing cows sorry
for taking
your calf's milk we too
love drinking
for cakes have to be

And thankyou little
Silken dresses have been
the norm

Deers thankyou for
musk, and venison for
the meal
Apologies to calves for
partaking of their veal.

Ah thankyou God for all
that food
If we thank Him not
we're ingrates rude.

Muhammad Ali 17 January 2014

beautiful mind plays with beautiful thoughts. very nice poem sister. in your manner you managed thanks to Him.

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Brian Johnston 17 January 2014

Well my dear East African fellow sojourner and poet, I guess it's clear to all that you are not vegetarian! God, I love Indian food of all kinds (If I get to heaven and there's no Indian food I'M LEAVING) : -) You've got a 10.0 from me! Come on my friends Ed and Muhammad, you like her poem and do not rate it? Let's set the example for others on PH and not be so careless about leaving other's poems unrated. Do unto others what you would have them do unto you, The Golden Rule! I personally would like to see the rating system changed to give visitor just 4 choices, No Comment, Good, Excellent, or Superb. We are all here to grow, to learn, hopefully to attract genuine affection from our peers. It is my intention not to give anyone less than an 8 from this time forward,8 for Good,9 for Excellent, and 10 for Superb. Two days ago someone trashed my site by giving 2/3 of my poems a 1.0 rating. It seems clear it was just one person and I'm hoping PH can do something to correct this injustice. We should not allow terrorists to roam our sacred hall of poetry freely.

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Dany Sandell 18 January 2014

Beautifully done! ! Anyone can see that you are a great poet! ! ;)

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Louis Rams 18 January 2014

yo said it as it should be said, giving thanks to the animals and the providor which is god

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Tribhawan Kaul 23 January 2014

Very nicely written. We all are indebted to HIM to providing us all. No wonder when we start our day with breakfast or during lunch or dinner, we always thank HIM for HIS benevolence. Enjoyed reading.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 12 May 2020

A very nice poem. Your inscription makes the title of the poem most appropriate. Beautifully inscried about the sacrifice nature of bee, sheep, mother hen, cow, silkworm and deer. Wonderful imaginary. Thank you dear S.Zaynab for sharing this gem.10

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Laurie Van Der Hart 04 February 2017

A very refreshing poem! Gratitude is not so common, and the things you mention we often take for granted. You live in Tanzania? I used to live in Arusha.

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Rafique Farooqi 31 March 2014

very well written poem.

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Soulful Heart 08 February 2014

trivial things that we fail to thank enough...a good reminder...............

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Geetha Jayakumar 29 January 2014

Wonderful poem....Beautiful flow of words. Very true said...We must thank God for all that food, without which were our life would have been...Penned very well..Loved it.

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s.zaynab kamoonpury

s.zaynab kamoonpury

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