Hallucination Poem by Tareq Jalabi


Rating: 4.6

She came to me as a hallusination
her beauty was beyond my imagination
i fantasized her breath and intonation
they were the warmest in God`s nation
her brown eyes are innocent killers
her lovely lips are life fillers
the two swords of her`s are not sinners
they sit away like in british dinners
when i expressed my admiration
she told me i was sweet
these words were not of my creation
but i saw an angel from head to feet
i`ve gained nothing but more exclamation
that i couldn`t drink or hardly eat

Noha El3wdy 23 May 2009

so sweet, simple, breathtaking

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Ana Guerrero 13 March 2009

Aww this one is very sweet very sweet I love it! its really sweet and kind how you explain her

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Linda Moore 27 November 2008

Attraction, makes the blood rush, exhilarating. Very nice poem I like the rhyme.10

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foxy babii 24 November 2008

wwoooww its good honestly i love it i love the words you use i love the rhyme its an awesome peice of work

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Indira Babbellapati 22 November 2008

a poem befitting ur youthful spirit!

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Pranab K Chakraborty 13 November 2010

1] the warmest in God`s nation 2] two swords of her`s are not sinners / they sit away like in british dinners I quote these lines just to show the difference of this poet. It seems very much anti-poetic, but its temperament fits with contemporary style of thoughts. Hallucination is nothing anew to poets, its expression is also very conventional, but my prior experience of reading him....the spirit of creating above lines makes him different from others.............10/10 Regards, pranab

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Indira Renganathan 25 January 2010

Awesome and juvenile.....10

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Rachael Miroddi 24 June 2009

Wow this is very very, well done. It's a ten in my book.

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Muhammad Ali 28 May 2009

very nice poem friend...10

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Carol Gall 27 May 2009

simply enchanting love from afar

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