Heart Dances With Illusions Poem by Aqua Flower

Heart Dances With Illusions

Rating: 4.5

Your love has limits
truth hidden behind lies
Love without commitment
is a love that won't survive
your feelings for me are not real
or else I wouldn't feel
tricked and deceived
from your love's profanity
my heart dances with illusions
my mind suppresses conclusions
fairy tales don't come true
otherwise I would be with you

copyright @ Aqua Flower
revised 2020
Lion & Tigress series

Monday, June 25, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: deceit,fantasy,lies,reality
Lamar Cole 25 June 2018

Great poem about mind dances with illusions.

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Castellenas John 27 March 2019

Honest words for love. A amazing poem shared.

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Aqua Flower 28 March 2019

Hi John, thank you for your comment on this poem. Words are windows that open up our mind to truth.

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Kostas Lagos 30 June 2018

False love perfectly described! 10 because there is no 11!

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Aqua Flower 30 June 2018

Emotions run deep in this piece perhaps that's why the words flowed so easily. Thank you for the high rating of 10 +

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Khairul Ahsan 28 June 2018

Hearts understand deceit and dishonesty; though they may not express always. 'Love without committment is a love that won't survive' - true, very true! I felt sad after reading this poem and hoped, the poetess would find ways to cheer herself up!

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Aqua Flower 28 June 2018

To my long- time friend on this site: you have an empathetic heart!

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Carl Roussell 26 June 2018

I really like the line, from you love's profanity, a lie and a swear! Lies can hurt so much.

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Bill Cantrell 25 June 2018

Sad but certainly from the heart

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