I Meet The People Poem by Bharati Nayak

I Meet The People

Rating: 4.7

When did my journey begin?

Do I remember?

Was it in my mother's womb

Or was it million years ago

When God planted me in a cell

But sure it is

I am travelling, and

Moving from form to form

Body to body,

The history of my eternal journey

Recorded in the nature's treasure

But a fraction of my journey of this birth

I hear from my mother,

It is how I was born along with my twin sister

How we took to our feet

How we ate, how we read

And how we got separated.


I meet hundreds, thousands

And millions of travelers

On my way, from my twin sister to siblings

From my parents and cousins

To teachers and friends

From classmates to colleagues

Known and unknown

From ants to mountains

From flowers to rivers

From living beings to ghosts

From sweet breeze to sandy deserts

I meet them

They remain in my memory lane

Some came and faded

Some linger for ever.

They have merged in moments

And moments are embedded

Like pearls in a necklace


I call my co-travelers in different names

Some are love and compassion

Sympathy and companion

Some are hatred and anger

Abhorrence and fear.

I call my friends

Love and compassion

To surround me

Like a vast ocean

And let me float on them

Like a tiny boat

In myjourney eternal.

Saturday, October 13, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: life,journey,friends
Kishore Kumar Das 14 October 2018

Life is a spiritual journey from womb to tomb. Amidst the little span, one meets with lot of living and non-living beings....the journey has been beautifully described in your classic stanzas......thanks for sharing...

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Bharati Nayak 14 October 2018

Thank you poet Kishore Kumar Das for reading and giving your valuable opinion on the poem.Yes- - From womb to tomb, life is an ongoing process.

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Sekharan Pookkat 14 October 2018

Poetical, Physical, real and spiritual concerns of life are different. We may look into the reality and love this wonderful life

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Bharati Nayak 14 October 2018

Thank you Sekharan Pookkat for reading and giving your valuable opinion.Yes, life is wonderful and we should love life.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 15 October 2018

It is really an amazing expression on journey of life. Some lines may be cited here.... I call my co-travelersin different names Some are love and compassion Sympathyand companion Some arehatredand anger Abhorrence and fear. Beautifful poem so nicely executed.10

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Fantone Mdala 01 May 2019

A piece worth a read. read and read just to read it again. Thumbs up Bharati

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Edward Kofi Louis 11 February 2019

I am Travelling! ! ! Journey of love and life; Planted long time ago! ! ! ! After the plan; Life! ! Birth from the womb. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Akhtar Jawad 23 November 2018

The eternal journey has no beginning and it has no end. A philosophic poem, loved it.

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Susan Williams 19 October 2018

Likepearls in a necklace- - -note how those words jammed together look like pearls on a necklace! ! ! ! ! !

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Susan Williams 16 October 2018

Part 2. A truly deserving 10+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++= and a most awesome spot on my fav list. Because this is an awesome poem from an awesome poetic heart

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