My Final Mistake Poem by Silentpoet Grl

My Final Mistake

Rating: 4.7

I'm one mistake from the edge
teetering on the cliff, hanging
testing my balance, life or death
trying to figure out how to live
when inside I'm already dead.
cutting just to feel something
the pain is saying I'm still alive
but one mistake brings an end.
with the knife held in my hand
blood is pooling on the ground,
my remaining life is spilling out.
this time its a cut much too deep
now I'm drifting into forever sleep.
echoing noises stir in my head
its death's angel beckoning again,
enticing me to dance on the edge.
dropping the knife to the ground
blood drips from the sharp blade,
as crimson tears fall from my wrist.
Heavy, dead like my body becomes
falling, I question what I've done.
I wasn't strong enough to say no
holding control felt from the knife,
I had to test how far I could go.
slicing through skin, into the vein
burning, stinging its beautiful pain
trying to release hurt, letting it flow.
longing for a moment of escape
now its too late, I cant take back
this last cut, its my final mistake.

Kevin East 10 December 2011

'As crimson tears fall from my wrist' This is raw open and real yet written with eloquence. Your talent is unquestionable. Your suffering is so evident for all to see and more importantly feel. Powerful portrayal of pain...and your talent.

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♥ Eternal _love♥ 10 December 2011

Severe depression leading to suicidal tendency..several failed attempts followed by a successful one..certain traumas have one still needs you. come out into light before darkness engulfs all the passion to live..despite all dreads life is beautiful, hopeful..never to leave hope is strength..crimson blood is not to be shed in vain, a precious life is a hope to the universe..poem reminds me of several youth who give up their lives in a moment of weakness..need to save them at any cost!

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Dave Walker 11 December 2011

Wow, yet again you get the true emotion of your feelings into this poem. A very powerful Poem.

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Crimson Love 13 December 2011

Beautiful poem, every line is perfectly written, grat job.

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Robinson Helela 13 December 2011

I am overwhelmed by your talent.u xpress ur feelings so strongly that even a reader can feel! Please check out my poems and comment.please?

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Brian Jani 15 June 2014

Well done, how you write

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Kara Towe 26 December 2011

Final mistake is right, please don't do it, your poem is like reading a final good-bye, very painful, and I sincerely hope you just want to let out your feelings in this poem, not actually do it. Don't let the lie that death is the end consume you. There is much more going on in life then what the eye can see, trust me I've had a glimpse. You really don't want to go to the places I've seen. I have almost died on a couple of occasions, and I have witnessed horrific things that no one else around me could see. Not my imagination, true horror. I'm not just trying to scare you. I am warning you because I really don't want anyone to go to the places I've seen. Pain unimaginable on the other side. Sincerely, Kara You have talent, hope you keep writing.

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Kevin Patrick 20 December 2011

It's slightly clichéd, but you do have great imagery, which keeps it being good.

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Salema Khatun 18 December 2011

very very nice poem indeed

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Cosmic Dreamer 18 December 2011

I read this through my tears, your words have power and emotion... Beautifully written.

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