Music Box Poem by Silentpoet Grl

Music Box

Rating: 4.8

notes floating melodically by
soft hums of eerie lullabies
stir hauntingly in the stale air
somberly carrying memories
as lyrics to a tormented tune
play on a constant painful loop
locked inside this music box
twirling, as a poised marionette
dancing to this rehearsed lullaby
when the key is wound effortlessly
echoing again the familiar melody

Dave Walker 13 November 2011

Really love this, a really beautiful poem. Good write.

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Bridgett Mcgough 13 November 2011

Great Poem Silentpoet Grl, This is Richard McClellan, I am on my girlfriends computer...

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Crimson Love 13 November 2011

This poem is Brilliant, Truly a phenomenal piece. I believe this is my favorite of yours! Every line was simply immaculate! :)

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Romeo Della Valle 13 November 2011

Beauty radiates through this amazing and melodious write that really moved me. Talent is also filtered through this masterpiece! Thank you for sharing! 10+++ God Bless You! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City! ...

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A Lifetime Of Fame 14 November 2011

This is a really beautiful poem Silentpoet Grl. I echo Romeo and Crimson. But on a personal note, this poem explains the sad, sad life of a music box marionette.10+++++++ God bless, and thank you ever so much for sharing.

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Kevin East 28 December 2011

My favourite Sp. Every word echoes beauty. Brilliant.

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Unwritten Soul 21 November 2011

Memorable writing! ! ! ! it such a good subject to recall the memory........and like a music box that singing in loop, round and round..with numb deliver all feelings so cool telling all you have passed and locked in the sound beautiful but the song still the same, the dancing melody will never played outside the box...Nice write_Unwritten Soul

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Jacqui Broad 19 November 2011

This is really beautiful. The meaning so profound. A marionette on a string, singing to the tunes of others. But our hearts' music box likes to play its own music, because only oneself can hear the song...

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Renu Kakkar 15 November 2011

short and sweet poem....enjoyed reading

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Renu Kakkar 15 November 2011

short and sweet poem....enjoyed reading

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