Betrayal Poems: 92 / 500

Never Trust A Woman!

Never trust a woman.
When will I learn this rule?
Each time I let my guard down
I'm left looking like a fool.

They look right at you smiling
pretend to be your friend
secretly recording every word
to repeat like there's no end!

They smell vulnerabilities.
They sense you will confide
your deepest, darkest secrets
and then you'll want to hide...

They sneer with twisted lips
and glowing eyes of hate.
You never saw it coming
this turn your ''friends'' call fate.

They run in packs like wolves.
They'll eat your weakened soul.
Don't turn your back on one of them
or you'll have to pay the toll.

They'll wait till you are comfortable
then hit you in the knees.
They use your heart against you
and do just what they please.

I won't say that it hurts.
I've been hurt too much before.
It takes more than betrayal
for me to cry and hit the floor.

I need to heed my warning
and remember when I say...
Never trust a woman
cause her claws don't go away!

Scarlett Treat 19 April 2006

Mary, I think you have taken a little poetic license here, in that most people do see us as 'cats with sheathed claws.' However, there are always exceptions to the rule, and you know who they are. As Tai Chi said, some of us make it our life's work to break the mold of meanness that this portrays. Scarlett to the Mold Breaker

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***** ********* 19 April 2006

I think this is way over the top Mary, I am a woman and I am trust worthy, I make it my lifes work. This poem is very good in express betrayal, but both genders suffer this afliction, but not by any means all. Just a thought. Trustworthy Tai

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Michael Sweetbird 19 April 2006

Never trust a man either!

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The very hardest lessons you always say beautifully... and with that kick-ass sense of humour at the end. Thanks for a piece, as ever, simply brilliant and mind-consuming.

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Mary Nagy 19 April 2006

I'll add my apology for any women that are offended. I know there are some decent women out there.......I just don't have much luck in that department. I seem to get burned anytime I try to trust women....throughout my entire life. Sorry, but, it's just my experience. :) I'd love to be proved wrong....a true friendship is something I've yet to find outside my marriage. Thanks for reading! Sincerely, Mary

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Ray Andrews 01 May 2006

I'll not look at another woman-until tomorrow! Your friend Ray

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Becky Ginn 24 April 2006

hey mary, i love this poem. It is great and flows so well. i know what you mean. Keep those magical fingers typing.Love Becky! !

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Kev Elmer 22 April 2006

WoW! - Great poem, really easy to read - great stuff! ! -=Kev=-

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Ernestine Northover 19 April 2006

You have my complete trust Mary, but I know what you mean with this write. Nice to see you back again. Love Ernestine XXX

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Duncan Wyllie 19 April 2006

Men do wrongs Women do wrongs People do wrongs This is the way that it is until such a point that we can break the barrier between us, A strong poem Mary and you have put so much into it, thankyou for sharing this and really making us think, Love Duncan

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