On Moonlit Night Poem by Dee Daffodil

On Moonlit Night

Rating: 5.0

Beneath a rather sensuous moon
They made a trail through the snow
Through the woods
That creaked from cold
On that Winter's night

She took the lead
Through feathery snow
That seemed the angels had spilled below
He followed swiftly, keeping pace

They stopped
They held a warm embrace
Upon this winter night
When all seemed calm
When all seemd bright
But most of all
It just seemed right

They trampled snow underneath
He made a bed
Wondering all the time
Could this be done...
On such a cold, cold night?

She offered wineskin sips
To him to warm his soul
And then she kissed him
Long, and deeply...melting snow

They gathered branches and pinecones
They struck a spark
And made a glow
They kindled that which they had known
On moonlit night
In bed of snow.

Geoff Warden 29 January 2007

Tis no wonder the snow just will not stay, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , lol Great write Dee, lots of passion of the season and of the snow, , , , , , , ,

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Tranquil Ocean 30 January 2007

Warm, sensuous, melting write: -) Love...TO

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Not a member No 4 30 January 2007

You create the setting and the atmostphere perfectly here Dee. Warm and romantic - intensified by the snow and the cold. Irresistible scenery. A very fine piece of poetry. One of your best.

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Original Unknown Girl 30 January 2007

Dee, this is so beautiful, couldn't agree more with what Jim says, the snow and the moon, it's chock full of imagery! ! Delicious write..... HG: -) xx

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Brian Dorn 30 January 2007

Beautiful write, Dee... enough said! ! Brian

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Howard Johnson 11 February 2008

the first stanza sets the tone, excellent use of words to, personify the immagery,

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Chuck Audette 08 February 2007

Very romantic and atmospheric. Wonderful, effortless flow to your rhymes, Dee. Loved it. -chuck

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Diane Violet 02 February 2007

Wonderfully warm and romantic snow tale Dee......

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Danny Reynolds 02 February 2007

I was going to say, 'Better than at the beach! The sand gets everywhere! ! ' Then a horrible thought attached itself to those pine cones.Uuuurgh. Anyway, what colour did the moon paint the snow? (This is going on my favs.) Danny

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Barry Van Allen 31 January 2007

Dee, I am not sure how you did that! Because, snow is really cold! But, from now on ... when I have to shovel that whiteness, I tend to think that it will have a certain sexy - ness to it!

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