Painting Dove With White Wings Poem by Unwritten Soul

Painting Dove With White Wings

Rating: 4.6

Drops of the rain
Wont erase my reflection on the water
When water find calm, i could see me again
Drops of my tears
Cant erase you from me
When heart calms, i found you in me again
Sometimes we are challenged by time
Still also time knows how to heal

Wear my heart to your mind
Understand more as you can find
Travel deep within me
Way to insight my inside
Use emotions to color the vision
As thought sometimes a colorblind
Here heart and mind be one to define

Drops of the blood
Wont give reflection a life on that water
When things gone, reflection died again
Drops of your tears
Cant erase pain from eyes
With my fingers that care, wiping cry
Sometimes we failed the lesson
We'll fail again until the reason learned

Wide in the limitless sky
All secrets written by the ink of wind
All secrets aren't hiding just invisible
But all the feelings lie on my heart only
Falling tears that leaving from me
May shake my reflection on the water
But when the surface is calming soon
I'll see my face be smiling again
For my eyes, fingers will wipe
For me, heart will be cared

So I paint a dove in me with white color
Spirit to fly and wisdom to be free
A write of my lesson in the sky now is there
Words all aren't hiding just live invisible
To read uncertainty life need a magic
See it by mind with emotional colors
In a book of mine and everybody's secrecy
We may know to go high
We all at low sometimes
So we look upon the height to climb
Life renewed when we start to relearn
And let dove in us try to fly again
With painted white wings

Everyone has hard things to learn
Just reflection never be us
We must learn what we have to
When no one could understand
We should stand for self
Life, dont let it be wasted
With free dove spirit in us
DO learn the height and we will fly
When someone need hands, hold! we shall be strong togetherness

Just a thought to free me from sticking to the ground
Because a dove in me wanted to touch the highest place in the sky
And share what i write there to remind about what we should remember
_Unwritten Soul

Take this opportunity to say Congrats to the contest winners and Ramesh Rai (the first winner)
Nader Baheri 27 October 2013

inspiring one. the souls take flight to the world which is invisible.but when they arrive they are sure that they settle down in th peace in paradise. i felt a feeling of remorse in this one.some day all of us will fly but lets enjoy of the ground first. love it.~nb

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John Shea 29 October 2013

Very beautiful poem..please read mine called ''Feathered Tears

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Ramesh Rai 30 October 2013

thnx my dearest for coming back. you hv to touch the sky. life is long n u hv to do a lot. i do nt hanker for any matter in my personal life. generally i like to avoid participation in any contest. i did. i never expected such b'ful result in my favor even it was our commitment if selected within 100we will think we r fit for poetry. unfortunately u were out in first round but does not mean that ur pen was inferior. i read almost all poems n commented too upto late night even upto 2am despite of my restless duty thro out day as well as discharging my all job. i observed most of the poems were outstanding including urs. it is only the love affection best wishes and blessing i reached to the top.. keep writing my frnd. thnx best wishes n regards ramesg rai

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Hans Vr 31 October 2013

Wow, Soul, this is a masterpiece. so much meaning, so artistically expressed. Our hearts are often troubled by the ripples on the lake on stormy days, blurring our eyes. The white dove in our soul is temporary nowhere to be found, but then when calm wheather returns we can see clear again, the dove, the secrets in the sky, ... Such a rich poem, truly heart warming,

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Abdulla Al-hemaidy 02 November 2013

Wonder! a lovely masterpiece. I read it three times. I would love to read it again.

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Akhtar Jawad 30 January 2020

What a painting it would be if paint a dove with white wings and a branch of olive in her nib. World needs peace.

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Mj Lemon 16 February 2018

Terrific poem, Soul. How fleeting are things such as the calmed waters? The dove taking flight? They serve as powerful reminders that what we need, how we develop, and what is so vital, is fleeting. Learning, developing and growing are endless processes, punctuated by moments of calm. A great, thoughtful poem.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 14 October 2017

It is a beautiful philosophical poem havinng an eloquent depiction with an amusing and touching beginning. I quote... Drops of the rain Wont erase my reflection on the water When water find calm, i could see me again Drops of my tears Cant erase you from me When heart calms, i found you in me again Sometimes we are challenged by time Still also time knows how to heal ... ofcourse sometimes we are challenged by time. Beutifully crafted and amazingly shared. Thanks.

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Simone Inez Harriman 03 June 2017

A spiritually uplifting poem. I love the image of a painted white dove in your poem which gives a sense of peace, well-being and confidence in spirit...10+

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Edward Kofi Louis 02 June 2016

Life! ! ! Learning along the way. Thanks for sharing.

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