Poemhunter Poets All Of You Invited To This Light Riddle Poem by ahmed khaled

Poemhunter Poets All Of You Invited To This Light Riddle

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the sun by the sun
can no longer see me to end
can no longer see those
looks of pink
in the eves of orange
and no longer see
the evening kill the evening
the horizon
through the horizon
drink the sky
where it bleeds all light
light by light
to the last single spot
reserving ages
dazzling not a beholder
or a closed eyes listener
a reason in there
always a reason
and for a reason
was my inkpot
for a reason
this inky poem was written
a beholder, guess why?
you are?
why by why
if dazzled,
o beholder
howmany stars?
what are they?

Hosny Soliman 02 October 2011

My dear Ahamed i think it can be progression of day an night. Sun by sun.. without no end evening kill the evening The sun at the horizon every sundown where the light bleeds light by light. I hope to be right.Thanks dearest Hamed, i hope to accept my as one of you frirnds.I'm new her at this site. I was tracing my friend Unwritten Soul's friends so i'm really so lucky to meet you.

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Cristina Teodor 01 October 2011

The answer is moon. Wise play of words, a great riddle..Cristina Teodor

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Stefanie Fontker 30 September 2011

Wow, I wouldn't call this a light riddle. Very interesting. What's the answer?

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Sd Tiwari 30 September 2011

Drawn an amazing picture of sunset. there is a spot reserved in the west when vanished all sun’s light, shadow and start of a night time comes of Poet Ahmed Khaled he opens inkpot and ink the doggerel because best poems come out of dark (heart) and when outside in the sky there are stars (peace) before peeps again to earth the sun the poet ends his writing fun

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Unwritten Soul 30 September 2011

The Air? ? ? ? 1. because sun cant show the mass of the air.. 2. changing colors of the sky never change the air we breathe 3. Because air filled between the horizon, sky and sea 4. It's allow light pass through the body 5. It still same without time constrain hmmm i dont know...is it time? ? ? maybe sight and sensory? ? ? ...This one is tricky..poetry? ? or i just vote for Amit answer? tell me the answer or any clue? ? ? Plzzzzzzzz (i am not cheating just ask for clue) tell me dear Ahmed..._Unwritten Soul

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(De Va) 06 November 2011

sun sinking into the abyss of the night...smiles.....amazing writer you are, and me...one of your newest fans...hugs, smiles n blessings....

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Vipins Puthooran 04 October 2011

It'a challenging poem....well written my friend...It's obsessing my cogitation...

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Emily Angel 03 October 2011

I guess I give up.....You alone know the answer.....

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Dave Walker 03 October 2011

I'm going to have to wait for the answer. I can't Get this one. Hope you give the answer soon.

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Unwritten Soul 03 October 2011

Ahmed, why you online? ? Said you need rest and to restore energy...Go rest my we here your PH friends understand...Forcing yourself to work is abusing your soul and body...Have a great relax in mind..Get well first before you back here again..and when you get well be here and tell what is the answer of this riddle...time to offline Ahmed, you lost too much energy, you tiring the system of physiology when you think too much philosophy..rest my Ahmed we can wait the answer later :) _Unwritten Soul

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