Sense Of Your Silence! Poem by Siddartha Montik

Sense Of Your Silence!

Rating: 4.3

the moment you went away,
leaving me in this silence of defy!

was such a torture as it began,
were no times in the rest of my run!

went on trying to hold on,
much easy now, not to let you know what goes on!

the pace was increasing on,
more of you in thoughts in a way of submission!

never know I could learn so much in your silence,
but all proving with your eerie promise!

a sincere respect for you and for your silence,
all is working now like a fragrance!

Still I wouldn`t say it is my retreat,
..for, it can never be a honest treat! !

Mubeen Sadhika 24 August 2009

Awesome. The silence is captured in an extraordinary narration.

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Sarwar Chowdhury 24 August 2009

Ammmmmazing eloquence! fine wording! 10+

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Omar Ibrahim 04 August 2009

well done keep up the good writes.....thanks for sharing!

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Lalitha iyer 24 August 2009

I read your silence, wishing to read more and more to quench the heart's thirst...........thks for the invitation.

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Siddartha Montik 31 May 2010

Thank you so much Nivedita! ! ! Thank you so much for your comment made me cry, again reminding the pain I liked much! ! ! : (

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Sarah Shahzad 25 January 2020

You're absolutely awesome with words. This piece has so many wonderful lines that hit right to the core of the heart! :) pleez do comment/ review/ write your thoughts on my website & poems 2 thank you :)

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Ayan Mondal 12 February 2019

Very beautiful poem........

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Bernard F. Asuncion 16 October 2018

Siddartha, such a well crafted poem........10++++++++++++

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Tiffany Saxon 21 April 2017

I absolutely love this poem! just beautiful!

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Ambrish Kumar 14 December 2016

I read you and feel that, the voice of silence is more louder than noise made by cry....

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