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Sometimes It Takes A Tragedy

Sometimes it takes a tragedy
to help us see things clear,
and then we get a glimpse of life
without our loved ones here.

The busy days of real-life
go by with such a flash
and then you're in the hospital...
the whole world seems to crash.

We've dodged another bullet.
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Julia Klimenova 01 March 2006

I sometimes forget to say it. Thank you for reminding me. Warmly, Julia

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Duncan Wyllie 27 February 2006

Dear Mary, you have shared deep feelings with us here and I feel both previlaged and saddened by the touch of your words.God Keep You All.Love Duncan

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Herbert Nehrlich1 25 February 2006

Okay, Mary. Now you MUST write something lighter, although I do like your 'dark' ones. Best H

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Uriah Hamilton 23 February 2006

May God and the mercy of the world treat us all kindly.

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Ernestine Northover 21 February 2006

That's what I'm praying for too Mary. A real heart searching poem, but beautifully written once again. Love Ernestine XXX A 10 from me.

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Sweetie Sarah<3 07 March 2006

life is that way! Go on

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Uday Balakrishnan 06 March 2006

What a moving poem Mary - so well crafted. It gets a 10 but if there was a 11 or a twelve out of 10 you get that too. Thanks for sharing Uday Balakrishnan

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Charles Garcia 05 March 2006

Great thoughts, for it took a tragedy to start my career in poetry. Time waits for no one, You find this out when you reach my age. read your work every day. charles garcia

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Next time I'm about to let difficulties with a loved one get out of hand I'll remember the sentiment driving this beautifully tailored and emotive poem. Thank you.

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Mike Finley 04 March 2006

Affirmation in the face of all that frightens us - good work!

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