A Enemy / A Friend. Poem by JOSE MURGUIA

A Enemy / A Friend.

Rating: 4.3

a enemy will always snitch,
a friend likes you wether your poor or rich,
a enemy won't help you in a fight,
a friend is there wether you're wrong or right,
a enemy hurts you day and night,
a friend is like family you're always tight,
a enemy wont catch you if you fall,
a friend is someone you can always call,
a enemy doesn't care if you stay alive,
a friend doesn't let you drink and drive,
a enemy doesn't care if you feel sad,
a friend is there thru good and bad,
a enemy is not a friend hes fake,
a friend will give but not take,
a enemy will try to hit up your girl,
a friend will help you confront the world,
a enemy borrows money and doesn't pay you back,
a friend will always have your back,
a enemy to hurt you will always find a way,
but a friend will always be there until your last day.

Copyright ©2009 Jose Murguia

Eldon M Thomas 03 February 2009

your poem speaks the truth Jose. Keep up the good work. If you haven't done so already you should write one about the friends that make you not need enemies, if you catch my drift!

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Sade Blue 07 February 2009

its so true, I know i need more friends in my life, good work!

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Paige S 06 April 2009

It wasn't bad! Pretty nice. But I do think that it would flow better if you used one grammar rule and wrote ' an enemy' rather than 'a enemy.'

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lisa moore 11 August 2009

i agree with 'paige scott' it would go better if you used an instead of a.. but other than that brilliant! luv lisa xo : -)

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Winnie Angel 11 August 2009

Much true but friends are more at power to hurt! coz we love them.....Whatever an enemy says never hurt us but a friend in a slightest comment on you! it can be deadly!

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Surabhi Panda 09 August 2014

This is the real fact you have written. i like it.

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Ben Gieske 28 September 2009

Nicely done. So many reasons to appreciate our friends and how to be a friend.

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* Naphright * 23 September 2009

ausome dude, i look forward to reading the rest of your poems

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I$land Gurl 08 September 2009

I also agree with 'paige scott'.. But i really like this poem..

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warner treuter 22 August 2009

I see you're not rich, You have friends you can trust. Me, too.

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