Vincent Van Gogh 63 - A Sudden Outburst Poem by Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

Vincent Van Gogh 63 - A Sudden Outburst

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After lunch, Jan went to sleep in his mother's lap,
As Kay sat silently looking at her son with affection.
She stroked her son's hair, gently lulling him to sleep.
Vincent kept staring at Kay's delicate features,
And thought in his mind, how beautiful she looked!
But Vincent was disturbed by her pensive mood.
He knew, Kay was still thinking of her husband Vos.
She lived in the past reminiscing the happy days.
He became angry and frustrated too,
That Kay was ever dwelling in the past.

Vincent continued his drawing and painting
The whole afternoon, fully focused on his work.
After he finished his paintings,
He showed them to Kay, most enthusiastically.
But Kay was uninterested in his paintings.
Yet, she glanced at them more out of politeness.
From what she saw, she was quite unimpressed,
And thought his drawings were crude and clumsy.
But she did not want to offend him in any way.
So she said: ‘ I like them! '. Vincent was elated.

Vincent thought Kay had genuinely praised his work.
It occurred to him that she was the only person
Who had understood and sympathized with him.
In a sudden outburst, he poured out his heart to her.
As the words came out of his mouth, in quick succession,
She found him uncouth and incoherent.
Suddenly, his manners became unrefined too.
As he spoke excitedly, waving his hands hither all over.
Kay was shocked at his sudden outburst and mannerisms
But she remained quiet, pretending to listen to him.

Sometimes, people keep talking,
Without awareness or any realization,
Whether the person sitting in front,
Is interested in listening to your talk.
When you blabber without any motivation,
When you answer where no questions are asked,
When you advise when it is not requested,
When you shout without a reason or a purpose,
The listener will be outraged, irritated and disgusted.
This is what happened to Vincent and Kay.

A Biographical Poem

Vincent Van Gogh 63 -  A Sudden Outburst
Sunday, March 19, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: art,artistic work,personality,perception
Nabakishore Dash 20 March 2023

Some times people keep talking----irritated and disgusted.your series on the painter imparts lessons.

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M. Asim Nehal 20 March 2023

Another fantastic piece of information......Liked it much.

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Susan Williams 19 March 2023

an artistic sky full of stars, and a fav

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Susan Williams 19 March 2023

oh, this was a very perceptive look at Van Gogh and actually any of us who are so absorbed in their own thoughts that we fail to note the reactions of others---awesome write

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Very truthful analysis of human conduct and behaviour. It is fascinating to read how Geeta succeeded in corroborating the retort (of which the poem is silent yet) of Kay to the exhilarated and agitated outburst of Vincent.

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