What Life Teaches! Poem by Valsa George

What Life Teaches!

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From life we learn many a valuable truth
But alas! Some dismiss it as mere froth

While life itself is a riddle
Remember, Death is an inexorable puzzle

Hatred burns life like fire
And wickedness turns it into mire

On Earth, forgiveness bonds hearts
But revenge, sure, breaks all bonds

Even a guilty falls prostrate
Before the compassionate willing to commiserate

Know, a true friend has no deceit
And a truly learned has no conceit

If jealousy is an acid which erodes
Generosity is a fuel that reloads

If inactivity is akin to death
Creativity is vital as breath

If perseverance conquers mountains
Laziness dries up fountains

While pride leads a man to his fall
Humility takes him closer to his goal

While Honesty leads him to salvation
Deceit drives him to damnation

Patience is an inexhaustible well
And perversion, a sure road to hell

Know that those who long for the crown
Should also be torn by the thorn

While love of God takes us to eternity
Love of man leads us to fraternity

Ye Friends, with such priceless tips learned in bits
Light up your life in glowing glitz

Bury your past with all its woes
As the New Year of hope brightly zooms!

Valerie Dohren 31 December 2012

Many words of wisdom to carry us into the New Year. Very well penned. A very happy New Year to you Valsa, and keep up the good work! !

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Unwritten Soul 31 December 2012

Emulsion of life essence dropp and dissolved in a lesson to drink for learn...sweet as honey, bitter as herb we should take and it is a remedy for future...thanks for sharing, Happy New year and with greatest wishes..may you be blessed with happiness and smile! _Soul

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Lyn Paul 30 December 2012

You have covered everything, great work

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Pearls of wisdom at times spill on the floor of the house of reason and observation. The petals of your lines open up, teach and move on till it is bloomed into a poem of a fantastic format. You are at your best of didactic exuberance and philosophic grandeur here dear Madam. A gift poem for taking up a few new year resolutions for all! .

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Walterrean Salley 29 December 2012

Wonderful lessons profoundly stated. Very good job. And I hope you had a good Christmas Valsa.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 26 August 2018

An inspirational poem so nicely and touchingly inscribed. I quote...... Bury your past with all its woes As the New Year of hope brightly zooms! Thanks for sharing with 10

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Akhtar Jawad 17 March 2015

A great thoughtful poem. Throughout our life we learn something new.....................

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Elizabeth Padillo Olesen 17 January 2013

Valsa, this is great work of art with good wisdom being aired out. Thank you so much for posting this. Very inspirational indeed. Keep on posting your gems!

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Neetha Sasidharan 16 January 2013

hi malayaliiii, , , , , grt poem..wid a nice set of rhymes...kp penning....

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Diane Hine 06 January 2013

The lesson if life expressed in fabulous poetry!

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