A Cowboy's Love Poem by Dr Dillip K Swain

A Cowboy's Love

Rating: 5.0

A young jubilant boy
Steers a herd of cows
To the open green fields
They graze unflinchingly
He sits pretty cool, relaxed
And watches them munch
On the fresh emerald grass
And he finds a safe place
To sit and enjoy proceedings
And the lovely surroundings

On the approach of dusk
He calls the herd back
By blowing his flute
Like Krishna's flute
That throbs the air
The setting sun glints
The vesper sky winks
The flowing river sings

Lovely water pot passes
With cham-cham hum of anklet
Her blushing is lively yet covert
The cowboy feels the spark
The girl waves him from the dark

Copyright@ Poet,30 January,2019

MAHTAB BANGALEE 14 December 2022

beautiful poem penned on a cowboy's love; nice to read your poetic diction

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Indira Renganathan 17 December 2022

As many times as I read your poems so many times your poetic skill amazes me...always it is a pleasure to read all your best poems...the above poem is no exception.....thank you Dillip for sharing such inspirational poems here with us

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Kesav Venkat Easwaran 19 December 2022

A stramside Flute/Anklet imagery. Nice

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Rob Lamberton 19 December 2022

Great flow to this story of love! Enchanted by it!

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Nosheen Irfan 28 January 2023

Such a delightful picture of rural life. The sprinkling of romance in the end is just like icing on the cake. Sterling inking!

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 06 November 2023

Bravo Dillip thanks for sharing

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Charming poem. Mesmerising narrative. Loved it.

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Evelyn Judy Buehler 28 April 2023

Lovely images adorn this tale of a cowboy's day, with its delightful hint of romance at its close.

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Rob Lamberton 14 February 2023

Happy Valentine's Day Dr. Swain…a great day to revisit this lovely poem!

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Bri Edwards 13 February 2023

Speaking of 'water pot', DO YOU MEAN 'on the head of a young woman'? I would say 'the girl waves AT him.....' bri ;)

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