Fears Poem by Mihaela Pirjol


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Fears in heart, fears in mind,
For them reason I can't find;
Fears in love, and of unknown,
Of the wind and what may blow:
Sleepless nights covered in worry:
For myself, I feel so sorry!

Random thoughts, irrational,
Chase my mind—exhaustible;
Some of them with no substance,
In some other, I feel the absence
Of someone with whom to share
This aching fear: —it's so unfair!

A warm embrace, a gentle touch,
To mine heart would mean so much,
To reassure and wash fears away,
Leaving place for a brighter day;
Yet, my pillow only knows my fears:
In secret silence, absorbing tears…

Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: longing,worries,loneliness,despair,fears,heartache
Chinedu Dike 25 December 2014

Fear is a bunch of sinister shadows, a shadow has no substance, it's usually only a magnified reflection of something small. That's why in standing boldly up to fear you often find it inconsequential. I like the articulation and insight of the poem. Thanks for sharing and merry Christmas. Please read my poem MZANSI AND THE BALLOT BOX.

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M Asim Nehal 07 October 2015

This fear deserves all applause.............rightly selected poem of the day as well a place in journal. I liked it.

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Daniel Brick 30 March 2015

I remember last February when this was the Poem Of The Day, I sent you a congratulations message and it didn't deliver! Nor did my comment on the poem. But PH seems to have fixed the system. Hurray! // This poem is so probing - it uncovers so many dimensions of heartbreak - and almost in the middle is the heart's eternal lament: IT'S SO UNFAIR. But there no tribunal to hear the case of a broken heart and restore justice. We are bereft. And your poem clearly understands this and yet will not be silent.

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Terry Craddock 18 January 2016

'Fears in heart, fears in mind, For them reason I can't find; Fears in love, and of unknown, ' so much to ponder love appreciate in this wonderful poem, we all echo your fears with love or loved ones lost in the cycle of life lessons, like your pillow we know your fears, through your words readers poets friends love you :) 10+++

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Pamela Sinicrope 17 January 2016

I enjoyed your poem about fears and loneliness. Your expression of desire for human connection to 'assure and wash fears away' is a lovely sentiment. Thanks for sharing. Peace.

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Unnikrishnan E S 28 February 2022

Profound poetry. " I feel the absence /Of someone with whom to share /This aching fear: —it's so unfair! ". How do I express my hearts reverberations on reading these lines.

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Aniruddha Pathak 21 January 2020

Marvelous two ending lines, ending the beautiful poem on a high note.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 08 December 2019

A touching sestet. Well crafted, dear Ma’am Mihaela...10++

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Dr Dillip K Swain 17 October 2019

A wonderful sestet so brilliantly penned....endearing expression! I derive immense pleasure in reading this beautiful poem time and again to my utmost satisfaction!

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Abhipsa Panda 04 December 2018

So beautiful mam.....I loved your last two lines the most..the pillow knows only the fear which is absorbing the tears in silence....it is when we cry silently hiding from others......very beautifully expressed...i love to read it again and again...

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