A Crimson Flame Poem by Crimson Love

A Crimson Flame

Rating: 5.0

Bow before the insolence...
death do I provoke?
A flame upon your fire,
an eternal flame burns within all these scarlet remnants.
Even with death grasping me,
an inferno within;
dilated eyes burn, hotter than any sinful lips.
they ignite the downy tinder of my heart.

I always get burned.

Boiling this bad blood,
purifying love by any means,
Look within these eyes. feel the flame.The beat.
The very heart of life; destruction.

Its heart beats the same as mine.
I unwrap my hold around you,
my gaze softened into the somber coals of eternity.
My grip upon you, melting to every curve of your body,
My name I burned upon your heart,
the pain will be moments,
but I will be there forever.

Lenore Lee 06 November 2011

Woa, love does brand you forever, but you made that sound painful. Cool.

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Romeo Della Valle 10 November 2011

A very beautiful poem with a touch of crimson love. beauty radiates though your amazing writes! 10+++ God Bless You for always! Love and Peace forever! Romeo from NYC...

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Unwritten Soul 12 November 2011

That was a rare flame....Keep flaming crimson, Crimson hahaha....the shine and bright was awesome by your touch..like other poems you wrote, this never disappointed :) I like the title very much :) _Unwritten Soul

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*BleedingHeart* *Arielle* 15 November 2011

wow that was breath taking it was amazing great job and well writen

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Zubiya Surti 21 June 2012

your poems are very emotional.you have written sooooooooooooooooooooooooo many many many poems.....

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Ramesh Rai 10 April 2012

A nice flame. i agree with soul

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Charles Darkly 28 November 2011

The sheer amount of feeling coming out of this poem is incredible.

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Darkangel Flyfree 18 November 2011

That was an awesome write. I just love your poems. You are a great poet keep on writting.

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Bella Hernandez 17 November 2011

BEAUTIFULLY AMAZING! may your wonderful poems 'burn upon my heart' the more i read them :) wish i read your poems much sooner so much passion within every line! ~Bella

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